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Robert Pattinson

08 July 2011

Oh dear, dear. Whatever happened, Pattinson? Cut your hair in the dark? New fashion statement? Drunken moment of stupidity? Quarter-life crisis?

Either way, it looks dreadful - like three hairstyles in one. It's patchy, but then there's a bit of hair hanging on the side, and then it looks like he drove some gel through it. Poor hair needs to see a shrink.

Or is this for a film he's working on - getting into character, perhaps? It better be. Because no other excuse will do.

Ah, it IS for a new film he's in. Thank God for that. The film's called Cosmopolis. In it, Pattinson is a billionaire (Eric Packer) trying to make his way across Manhattan to get his hair cut.

Ah, no wonder Pattinson's also been seen out and about in a multitude of different hairstyles. Explains it all.

Hope they're paying him enough for that new haircut in particular, though.

Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, is out in 2012.

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[img: daily mail]