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Robin Wright in Abraham Lincoln film The Conspirator

09 December 2010

Robin Wright is photographed here in her most controversial movie role to date, The Conspirator.

American actress Robin Wright teams up with director Robert Redford to shine a torchlight on one of America's "greatest individual injustices." Robin portrays Mary Surratt who was hanged for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Robin, who was granted a divorce from Sean Penn in August this year, feels passionately that justice was not done.

"I know that the film will touch the hearts of many and reveal the truth," said the 45-year-old movie star and mother of two.

It's clear that the subject of Mrs. Surratt got under the director's skin and that he feels an injustice was done.

Redford opens the film with this Lincoln quote: "There is no grievance that is a fit object for redress by mob law."

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