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Ron Howard set to adapt Spy Vs Spy

23 June 2011

Hollywood legend Ron Howard will adapt the black-and-white comic strip Spy Vs Spy for the big screen for Warner Bros. with with Ghost Town scribe John Kamps.

The Mad magazine comic strip made its debut in issue 60 and featured two pointy-faced spies; one dressed in white and the other in black who are locked in a explosive battle of one-upmanship.

Spy Vs Spy has also been a popular animated television show and a video game and the film adaptation that David Koepp is overseeing with Howard and regular producer Brian Grazer is being described as a “highly visual action comedy”, which would make sense considering the original comic revolved around booby traps and various spy games.

However, Spy Vs Spy shouldn't affect Howard's upcoming The Dark Tower epic, since the project is being viewed as something he'll do at a later stage.