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Samantha Bolter, Dan Rickard and Simon Drake premiere DARKEST DAY at The Gate in London’s Notting Hill

12 May 2015

"Darkest Day isn’t worth seeing because Rickard and his friends have managed minor miracles with what little funds they had. It’s worth seeing in its own right, and we can’t recommend it any more highly than that." - Starburst Magazine 7 out of 10

"British horror goes from strength to strength, Darkest Day is a superb addition to the resurgent genre." - Infernal Cinema 

"Darkest Day is a must for fans of the zombie genre and low budget movie enthusiasts. It’s a wonderfully made little film that shows director Dan Rickard has the chops to have a strong career behind the camera." - Movies In Focus

"Obviously made on an infinitesimal budget, Darkest Day is a cheap plucky British zombie film." - The Guardian

Last Night British Filmmaker Dan Rickard premiered his Zombie Apocalypse Thriller Darkest Day at The Gate in London’s Notting Hill joined by lead actress Samantha Bolter and Producer Simon Drake.

Darkest Day is beautifully shot with homages to 28 Days Later, it’s a fast paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.



Speaking about the inspiration for the film with The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali, Dan Rickard said “I loved 28 Days Later, it’s one of my favourite films, at the time I wanted to make a film like that, I didn’t want to make a direct copy of that but it is definitely an inspiration.”

Talking about how he got involved with Darkest Day, Simon Drake said “I met Dan when he was at film school, and I knew some friends that were at film school with him and he was making a lot of action films and I’m a fan of action films. He then told me that he was making a Zombie film, so I went a long as an extra and by the end of the day I was promoted to Producer because I was organising things."

Samantha Bolter who portrays Kate in Darkest Day added “It was just a case of a friend of mine saying to me ‘we are making a film, do you want to be in it’ after I had just finished drama school, so I jumped at it.”

Director Dan Rickard's zombie apocalypse film set in Brighton held its premiere in Notting Hill. The movie is a frenetically paced survival thriller with echoes of "Alphaville", "28 Days Later" and John Carpenter's "They Live”. - Peter Hogan (Demotix)


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Dan wakes up on a beach with no memory. He discovers an empty city ravaged by a deadly virus. After befriending a small group of survivors it soon becomes clear the army are hunting him down, and the group are forced on a dangerous journey to escape.

Starring Chris Wandell, Samantha Bolter, Dan Rickard, Christianne Van Wijk, Simon Drake And Richard 'Wilx' Wilkinson, Darkest Day will be distributed by Left Films on DVD on May 25.



About Darkest Day
DARKEST DAY is an independent action/adventure/zombie feature film shot in Brighton (UK) by BrightHelm Films. The film took over 7 years to complete, and although it is a self funded micro-budget film, we aim to compete with big-budget films in terms of cinematography, visual effects and music.


  1. Peter Hogan
    13 May 2015 at 6:59 pm — Reply

    This film, with its nods to 28 Days Later, They Live and Alphaville, will become a cult classic as well as required viewing for those who wonder what you can do without a budget.

  2. Brad
    14 May 2015 at 3:50 pm — Reply

    I had the honour of being involved in Darkest Day in an infinitesimally small way, and having had a privileged insight into the post-production process and seeing first hand what the producers had to work with in terms of equipment and spare time, well….this film is a miracle and a testament to belief, hard work and perseverance.

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