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Sanctum producer James Cameron hits out at 3D critics

08 January 2011

Iconic Hollywood director James Cameron who directed the smash hit 3D extravaganza Avatar insists that the 3D revolution is well on its way and television bosses hold the key to its success.

The Oscar winning film mogul has hit back at critics who say 3D is just a fad and says every film could be 3D in less than five years, he said "When the consumer electronics manufacturers bring to market sets that don't require glasses, at that point, it's going to explode like crazy, the market is growing. The number of networks and terrestrial broadcast companies, cable companies and satellite companies that are investing in 3D is increasing all the time. With colour (movies), people wanted it, but the transition actually took 25 years or longer. It wasn't until colour TV came along and people realised that, if they wanted to have their movies played on network television and television was all going to colour, they had to make them in colour, even if they were relatively low-budget films. Everything had to be made in colour, at that point. I think the window of 3D is going to collapse a lot because of sports and live broadcast. I think it's all going to play out over the next two or three years."

Cameron's next offering Sanctum where he serves as Executive Producer hits UK cinemas on February 4 in 3D and follows an underwater cave diving team who experience a life threatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave system in the world. The film stars Van Helsing's Dracula Richard Roxburgh and King Arthur hunk Ioan Gruffudd.

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