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Saoirse Ronan learnt Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 3 for Byzantium

09 December 2011

Rising star Saoirse Ronan has reportedly thrown herself into learning the piano to portray a vampire musician in upcoming Neil Jordan film Byzantium.

Apparently the idea was to film Ronan miming a performance of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 3 but director Neil Jordan famed for Interview with the Vampire was left stunned after the Hanna star had mastered the complicated piano piece in just 12 weeks.

Ronan explains to the Irish Independent "There's this scene in the film where my vampire character sits down to play an old piano and entrances everyone with her playing. My vampire Eleanor is 200 years old in the film and had been playing piano that long, so there was a bit of pressure but I wanted it to look real."

Yvonne Collier who is Ronan's music teacher is amazed with her progress and hopes she will continue to study the piano and adds "I started teaching Saoirse the piano with little exercises so she could learn the notes. Then we did lots of Lady Gaga pieces before moving on to Beethoven. Since her very first piano lesson it is truly remarkable what Saoirse can now do on the piano.

The E minor middle section of the piece involves the left hand crossing over the right; a technique very difficult to master even with years of experience but one that Saoirse has mastered within a few weeks. She can master anything she puts her mind to."

Ronan is currently filming her role of Eleanor in Byzantium alongside Gemma Arterton and has Geoffrey Fletcher's Violet & Daisy ready for release. She's also gearing up for her dual role in Andrew Niccol's The Host adapted from Stephanie Meyer's novel.

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