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SAPPER SUPPORT Shines A Light On The Importance Of Mental Health With The Launch Of Their PTSD Lanyard This July

17 May 2021

Helping hand charity Sapper Support to host incredible charity event on 2nd July at The Army & Navy Club in London to raise awareness for their new PTSD lanyard.

On 2nd July 2021, Sapper Support will be hosting a charity event at The Army & Navy Club in London for the launch of their brand-new PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) support lanyard. This event aims to raise awareness for mental health support, specifically by reaching out to PTSD sufferers across the globe, in the hope that they can help make the world a better place.

The launch of their new support lanyard offers veterans, 999 employees, rape survivors, domestic-abuse survivors, child neglect survivors, traumatic accident survivors and many more who suffer from PTSD, a safe way to communicate their need for support. More importantly, the lanyard allows staff members to identify people who might be wrongly seen as “problem customers” - argumentative or even violent visitors to airports, shopping centres and events, who are actually experiencing a severe anxiety attack or flashback.

The launch of their PTSD support lanyard works in conjunction with the backing of like-minded companies, where volunteers will be able to identify those who do suffer from PTSD and give them immediate support.

Not only that, but Sapper Support also have a training video which shows individuals how to approach PTSD sufferers and offer guidance in order to mitigate these situations quickly and effectively. The informative video is available for any company/organisation/person that wants to use it and it also explains what ‘not to do’ as this could escalate the situation.



Sapper Support aims to get more companies on board using the training video, which is free. This will allow their staff the tools and knowledge to give significant assistance to anyone wearing the lanyard.

CEO of Sapper Support, Tim Evers, says “We are delighted to host this event and bring to light the importance of PTSD. We want people to understand the effects of PTSD amongst those vulnerable, and take a step in the right direction in creating a helpful platform for the important movement towards mental health.”

Hosted at the Army & Navy Club in London on Friday 2nd July, the charity event offers an afternoon of sophistication for those in attendance, with an array of celebrity guest appearances, guest speakers and a selection of delicious refreshments on hand.

Sapper Support offers the only 24/7 PTSD helpline, which is staffed by veterans and emergency service personnel. The helpline aims to give around the clock emotional and physical support to sufferers of PTSD and other associated mental health issues, helping some of the most vulnerable people when they need it.

The multi-service charity has been inundated with phone calls and have quickly adapted to the increasing demand in emotional support needed by those who have been affected by the distress of war and other external factors. All volunteers specialise in dealing with issues in this area of mental health. The experts also speak the lingo of the British squaddie and are eager to help those when needed, and more importantly, before they reach breaking point.



For more information on Sapper Support and the notable charity work they do, visit Sapper Supportfor more information and their Instagram @sappersupport for updates on their journey.

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