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Sarah Alexandra Marks Makes Her Dream A Reality With Her Poignant And Thought Provoking Directorial Debut SNOWDROP

11 May 2023

In memory of Christine Marks

The Fan Carpet are excited to present the Poster and Photo set for Sarah Alexandra Marks’ Directorial debut SNOWDROP, which she stars in alongside the incredible Nicola Wright!

Marks stars as Izzy alongside Wright as her onscreen mother in a story inspired by her own heartbreaking loss.

Produced by Louis James, in association with Blake Ridder of Ridder Films, SNOWDROP is the story of a mother (Wright) fighting a loosing battle against Alzheimers, until her daughter Izzy (Marks) gives the go ahead for an experimental drug trial.

Blinded by hope, has she overlooked the true cost of her mother remembering?



The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali asked Writer, Director and star Sarah Alexandra Marks why now was the time to step behind the camera, and she said “Well, it’s always been a dream of mine to create something of my own. I just think it hadn’t been the right time or I hadn’t written the right piece that really made me have that drive to make it happen. I had then written Snowdrop, which is very close to my heart, I therefore thought it was time. I asked a couple of good friends of mine, Louis James and Blake Ridder, if they could help. I know they work super fast, always produce great quality content and of course, they said yes. Without them, I don’t think I could have done it. I’m very grateful for the guys agreeing to come on the journey with me. It has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.”



Talking about shining a light on such a difficult and gut wrenching subject, seeing her story realised on screen, Marks added “Yes, the whole thing was a surreal time for me, all the memories did come flooding back as I had written it from my own life experience I had with my mum. It did hit home a lot and there were moments where I would go to the bathroom and have a little bit of a cry, but that’s okay. It’s always good to experience these feelings and sit with them, though I did need to make sure I was staying strong so we could finish filming because we only had one day, about 9 to 10 hours. It was difficult, but I had to keep going and keep on track, you know, just as you do anyway, on any set.”



The full video interview will be available very soon. Sarah returns to the screen in Howard J. Ford’s ESCAPE alongside Sophie Rankin, Marc Zammit’s WITCH and Sean Cronin’s BOGIEVILLE all set for release this year.



Sarah can be found on Instagram and check out Ridder Films where Sarah appears in many shorts including PSYCHOSIS, MY DEAD HUSBAND, KILLING HER SOFTLY, FROM ABOVE as well as the forthcoming feature film THE MANOR!

Sarah and the crew wish to give a special thanks to David Marks for his help.

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