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Sci-Fi Legend Alan Dean Foster Joins ISLAND IN THE STARS Movie Production From Lumen Actus Productions, Inc.

01 May 2024

Lumen Actus Productions, Inc., recently announced a new addition to the creative team behind the movie, “Island In The Stars”: legendary sci-fi author and screenwriter Alan Dean Foster. He will put his significant experience on major film projects to work as a script consultant.

Tom Konkle, co-owner of Lumen Actus, said “Foster is renowned for his work on major film projects including novelizations and screenplays for iconic franchises such as ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Alien.’ He brings a wealth of experience and a unique creative vision to our project that will be incredibly valuable. I’m very excited to have him involved. We look forward to Foster’s contribution to making ‘Island In The Stars’ a groundbreaking addition to the sci-fi genre.”

Island in the Stars” is a swashbuckling, science fiction, steampunk adventure where explorers on an uncharted planet uncover mysteries that redefine their understanding of the universe. 

The project is co-written by Konkle, who will also direct, delivering “a thrilling narrative combined with a unique visual style.” Other members of the film’s production team offer a blend of creative vision and cinematic expertise, such as veteran actor Vernon Wells, producer/writer Michael “Oz” Smith, and award-winning Australian producer Lucinda Bruce.



Foster said “It’s a pleasure to be contributing to a project like Island In The Stars where the love of science-fiction and adventure is paramount.”

Island in the Stars” is a collaboration between sister companies Lumen Actus Productions, Inc. (US), and Lumen Actus Pty Ltd. (Australia), along with Dreamscreen Australia, a leader in virtual production technology. Production is slated to commence later this year with an ongoing Indiegogo campaign that reached it goal and is now going for stretch goals.

The film’s legal representation is handled by Brandon Blake of Blake and Wang. 

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