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See What’s Playing at a Smartphone Near You: Cool Movie Apps

19 August 2013

For some, tablets and smartphones are devices to conduct business, use as a second monitor, play an instrument or video call family in another state. Others surf the web, play games and read books. But for you, fellow movie lover, the latest phone technology fuels the desire for your consumption of movie magic.

When it comes to Hollywood actors and their movies, there are countless gossip and news apps along with multiple choice trivia games about movies. There are "actor of the day" apps, Hollywood starlet wallpaper apps, personal movie management apps and believe it or not an inordinate amount of Bollywood apps across all platforms. Don't become overwhelmed and fill your storage with useless apps, start with some of the best.


At select Cineplex theaters, you control the big screen with this interactive cinema app. Before the film you came to see begins, TimePlay allows you to play games and trivia against others in the audience to win prizes, rewards and clout—all on the big screen. So, you get to the theater, open your BlackBerry Q10 app and begin playing. The BlackBerry Q10 is recommended for trivia games because of its active frames feature that lets you bounce in and out of apps easily and quickly. This is a new social entertainment experience because it allows users to play live, interactive games with multiple players on the huge movie theater screen.

Free to download Free to play Continually updated with new games See your name on the big screen leaderboard Get rewards for playing.


Get times and locations of movies on the Flixster movie app. Also, see what's playing at a theater near you. Find film descriptions, trailers, candid and serious photos, headshots, casting, reviews, snippets and social media — all inside that tiny little square on your smartphone or tablet. Note: You can not buy tickets using Flixster. Turn to the Moviefone app for that feature.


A movie streaming service, Popcornflix offers over 700 feature length films of different genres. Like Hulu, this app is ad-supported and streams films with commercials—hey, it's free. Popcornflix's library is made up of a combination of indie films, theatrical releases and direct-to-video. You can find some of the best B-rated films of all time. You won't find a whole lot of classics though; check out the Turner Classic Movies app for that.

Turner Classic Movies

Classic movie lovers are in luck. Explore rare movie clips, photos, videos, trailers and detailed historical accounts about the making of and information on casts and crews of old films.


Just for fun, download the easy to use film clapper slate for those memorable moments you'd like to call to "ACTION!" If making your own movie, there are fields you can input:

Production information Scene and take Camera Director Camera Operator Frame Rate Date

Tap clapper at top of screen and swipe down. You can add the clap sound effect to turn people's heads. Get ready to sign some autographs.

Soundboard for "Rocky"

Anything that allows you to have Stallone quotes from "Rocky" movies in the palm of your hand at all times, is pretty awesome. Add Mr. T and Ivan Drago quotes and this might just be the best movie app ever.