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Shaun Wren talks Aquaman – Unite The Seven

20 February 2015

Today we were finally treated to the first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman aka Arthur Curry in the DC Cinematic Universe via Zack Snyer’s Twitter and we can all admit now he looks BADASS!!! And this means we will see the King of Atlantis and not just Arthur Curry.

Now Snyder much like Suicide Squad’s Director David Ayer is great at teasing fans with the latest being #UniteTheSeven and Momoa took to his Instagram not only to thank Snyder but to maybe send out his own tease in Hawaiian saying this “E hui Ka Hiku! Unite the seven. It's on kanaka maoli suppa hero. Aloha.aquaman BOOM. Mahalo Zack”.

Now I’ve been trying to translate this and with the Aloha and Mahalo, it’s Hawaiian so I’ve done my best so this is how it’s translated “To join the seven! Unite the seven. It’s on native man superhero. Love Aquaman BOOM. Thank you Zack.”



If I’m wrong with the translation, please let me know but let's go back to the beginning of the quote “To join the seven! Unite the Seven” this says to me we could be seeing all seven members of the Justice League by the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, it could also mean Unite the Seven Seas as Aquaman could be looking for Superman wanting answers for what happened in Man of Steel with the World Engine in the Indian Ocean so with Lex Luthor and Batman adding Curry could the Kryptonian be the villain or the perceived villain of the story?

Whatever happens, my excitement for Aquaman despite coming in 2018 it looks like Snyder will be doing justice to the character and much like The New 52 he is a badass and now it’s been fully confirmed.

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