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Shia LaBeouf: Third Transformers His Last

01 July 2011

Having recently revealed he had a lil sumthin sumthin going on with Megan Fox while filming the first two Transformers (and regretting opening his mouth about it after the media attention it got. Erm, what did he expect?), the latest news hitting the net's pulse is Shia LaBeouf made it known at Moscow's International Film Festival that Transformers 3 looks to be the last in the instalment for him. Reason being: he felt he didn't have much else to bring to the table as Sam Witwicky - didn't know if there was really anywhere else to take the character.

"I'm done", he said. "I love making them (the movies). I love the crew. I love Michael (Bay). I love the cast. I love Sam ... but I don't have anything new to contribute".

Maybe he's missing having Megan on set. As an actress, of course. Ahem.

If any of the latest news is indeed true, then respect to Shia for feeling this is it for him in the Transformers franchise. Now he has to go with his instincts and back it up with action. It would be pretty embarrassing if he did otherwise and we saw him in Transformers 4 - that's if Trans 4 is in the pipeline what with the dip in U.S. box office takings compared with its second instalment. Part 3 experienced takings of $37.3 million on box office day 1, 40% less than the second part on its first day.

The next film Shia appears in is ‘The Wettest County in the World', set during the time of the Prohibition in the U.S. Due out next year, other stars include Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce and Tom Hardy.

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