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SHOULD’VE SWIPED LEFT! A Film For The Tinder Generation From Actress, Producer and Filmmaker Ellie Torrez Coming this Summer

08 March 2017


Brit School Actress Ellie Torrez is set to hit our screens again in a new film she has written with the mysterious man behind the mask in Batman Begins - Actor, Stunt Man and Martial Arts expert - Emil Martirossian. Emil, who has strong links to The Bruce Lee family, has choreographed the fight scenes for the film and has been coaching Torrez one on one.

The collaboration is set to get fingers wagging as it tackles the very real issue of finding and keeping love in the Tinder generation. “No one works at relationships any more. Love is so disposable, it's a swipe NEXT generation, what intrigues me is what makes a connection between two people really last?” Says the beautiful and talented Torrez.





The pair have teamed up and are certainly a force to be reckoned with as they use the Martial Arts form to express their “Love”. Filming initially began last year but was abruptly halted due to Ellie severely spraining her ankle whilst doing a stunt. But now they are back with a bang!





Torrez's superhero inspired character RAIN (Robotic Artificial Intelligence Neo-Human) confronts character M (Martirossian), a mere mortal man, in a series of “dates” with a difference, and talking about the inspiration behind her character, Torrez added "My character RAIN - Robotic Artificial Intelligence Neo-Human is a reflection on the Human vs Technology world we now live in & how much harder social media & online dating has made finding a genuine & lasting relationship in the real world".

As Shakespeare once said “The course of true love never did run smooth”.

SHOULD'VE SWIPED LEFT! will be released this summer – get ready to swipe RIGHT!

Keep up-to-dae with Ellie Torrez on her Official Website and Actor/Stunt-Man Emil Martirossian on his Official Website.

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