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Signature Entertainment Scares up a Storm this Halloween

17 September 2014

Terror, torment and treehouses – coming to DVD and digital platforms this October

Horror comes home this Halloween as Signature Entertainment releases a triple threat of terror on DVD and digital platforms just in time for the scariest night of the year.

About Signature Entertainment
Signature Entertainment is the most exciting new Film Distributor in the UK. Signature aims to bring the film-loving public an interesting, stimulating, inspiring and eclectic range of feature films and audiovisual programming.

Launched in April 2011, the Signature Entertainment team combines a wealth of film expertise with a vibrant and fresh outlook; pushing the boundaries with the goal to deliver quality entertainment to the cinema and the shelves. 

REAPER – October 6th

B-movie icons Danny Trejo (Machete Kills, TV’s Sons Of Anarchy) and Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand, TV’s Elementary) star in this inventive slasher that follows a death row inmate who survives execution and returns as a supernatural force known as Reaper. Descending on an isolated hotel which happens to be the meeting place of some very dangerous players, the Reaper’s thirst for blood is only matched by one wily girl’s thirst for survival.

Released: October 6 | Running time: 84 minutes | Cert: 15 | DVD Price: £14.99

OPEN GRAVE – October 13th

With a weight of fan anticipation already behind it, Sharlto Copley, the breakout star of District 9 and Elysium, star in this taut chiller that centres around a man who wakes up in a mass grave. Rescued by a group of fellow survivors, he then has to establish if he, or one of his saviours, is responsible for the grave in the first place whilst also dealing with an even more deadly threat. Also starring Thomas Kretschmann (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Downfall)

Released: October 13 | Running time: 95 minutes | Cert: 15 | DVD Price: £14.99

TREEHOUSE – October 20th

From the director who brought you The Zombie Diaries comes Treehouse, another journey into the dark heart of horror. Local kids are going missing and animals are turning up mutilated. When Killian and Crawford short cut through the woods to get to a party, they begin to discover why and face a pitched battle for their lives into the bargain.

Released: October 20 | Running time: 97 minutes |Cert: 15 | DVD Price: £14.99