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Signature Entertainment Unveil the First Image from James Reatchlous’ Animated TV Special MASTER MOLEY Starring Warwick Davis

04 December 2018

Hidden deep below Windsor Castle, an ancient magical book has slept for a thousand years. Legend tells that the Mystical Manual of Moley Magic awaits a chosen mole to bring peace between humans and moles. Master Moley dreams of the day that he may become the chosen one, but years pass and the book remains silent.

The moles are fearful of the humans - rarely venturing into the great above, till one day, the mysterious book awakens. In the Castle, the Queen is preparing for a Christmas celebration, while the moles below host their own special ceremony. Wise Elder Moles from around the world gather to select a mole to become the keeper of the magical book.

Master Moley, meanwhile, sets off on his own adventure, to pick a rose from the Queen’s garden and win the heart of Mona Lisa. This simple act will change not only his life, but the future of all moles.

The Adventures of Master Moley originated as bedtime stories which James Reatchlous created and read to his two daughters 22 years ago, when they were 4 and 6 years old.



Fast forward 20 years, James rediscovered these handwritten journals and they have now been adapted into a touching, funny and enchanting 30-minute Christmas special, which is set to become a treasured family classic like The Gruffalo, Paddington and Wallace and Gromit.

Attracted to the charm and brand’s potential, Master Moley has attached the outstanding voice cast of A-List, award winning actors, who have added even more pedigree to this beautiful new world of Moles.

Commenting on the production, BAFTA Award winning actress Julie Walters who voices Mrs Moley and The Queen, says “It’s going to be fantastic. People are going to love Master Moley and I have loved doing it.”

Harry Potter and Willow star, Warwick Davis who voices Master Moley, commented “I’ve had a fantastic time voicing this lovable and endearing character and I can’t wait for Master Moley to be enjoyed by kids and families for years to come”

Signature Entertainment will act as global sales agent for the 30 minute TV special as well as UK distributors.

Commenting on the appointment, Signature COO, Jon Bourdillon says "Signature is delighted to be working alongside Nottage Productions to bring this adorable new franchise to the world stage. Master Moley's potential is infinite; the timeless appeal of an endearing little mole full of optimism has resulted in a delightful new children's brand with enduring appeal. Master Moley is on track to become our newest national treasure."

Master Moley creator James Reatchlous says “We’re thrilled to have signed with Signature Entertainment - It’s extraordinary that these Master Moley stories I told my beautiful daughters over 20 years ago are now going to be seen by children all over the world.”

Master Moley’s creative team include Saving Santa producer Tony Nottage (Nottage Productions) and The Little Mermaid, Scooby Doo and Aliens in the Attic animator/animation director Leon Joosen as director, written by Ricky Roxburgh and Arthur Landon, with animation by Cosmo-Giantwheel.

Starring Warwick Davis, Gemma Arterton, Richard E. Grant, Charles Dance and Julie Walters, MASTER MOLEY An Animated 30 Minute TV Special comes to screens in 2019.


Signature Entertainment is UK’s number 1 independent film distribution company with a growing presence across global sales and production.

The company‘s production arm, Signature Film’s boast a production slate including heist thriller The Hatton Garden Job (a.k.a One Last Heist) starring Matthew Goode and Stephen Moyer and Dave Bautisa, Pierce Brosnan actioner Final Score.

Signature Films have been building their roster working with top international talents in Hollywood and are currently working on an array of new and exciting projects.

Signature Entertainment, recently acquired by world’s leading film finance company FFI, has released over 700 films since it’s 2011 inception and has firmly established itself as the UK’s largest independent film distributor. Signature’s recent releases include the screen adaptation of children’s favourite The Little Vampire, the popular pre-school property Maya The Bee: The Honey Games and their impressive upcoming slate includes Jeremy Renner, John Cleese animated adventure Arctic Justice and Kate Winslet, Willem Dafoe animation Manou The Swift.

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