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Simon Rumley wraps on Roeg produced biopic CROWHURST

18 June 2015

Celebrated multi award-winning Brit indie director Simon Rumley has just completed shooting the sailing drama CROWHURST, based on the true story of tragic amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst.

Set in England and Argentina, the story centres around Crowhurst (Justin Salinger), a 35-year-old father of four, who set out from England in 1968 as part of an international race to be either the first or the fastest man to circumnavigate the globe - single-handed and non-stop. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

Best known for his boundary-pushing genre work, Rumley’s recent work includes ‘Red, White & Blue’, ‘The Living and the Dead’ and ‘The ABCs of Death’, winning Best Film Awards at FantasticFest, Sitges and Fantasia.

Rumley says: “Crowhurst's story is a tale of British derring-do which goes severely wrong and in this respect it represents the flip-side of the British Empire - a tale about adventure and exploration that was never proudly taught in history lessons. This, the bathos and tragedy of his situation, the self-imposed isolation and loneliness and the emotional peaks and troughs of the story all fit in very well with themes that I've explored in my previous films.

To have been able to collaborate with Nic Roeg on Crowhurst is exciting beyond words for me. Not only to have discussed his insights into our script but also to have him help shape and influence the film, to encourage us to think laterally, boldly and uniquely is beyond a dream come true; I hope I do his inspiration justice”.

Producer Michael Riley said: “It’s been a rather miraculous shoot. Simon’s vision is truly exciting - there’s a real mix of darkness, humour, intensity and intimacy in the telling of this most tragic yet strangely life-affirming story. Featuring an epic performance by Justin Salinger and filming in Donald Crowhurst’s actual home has given the film an incredible authenticity and power. I understand a number of efforts have been made to tell Donald’s story over the years, including one from our EP Nic Roeg, so I’m proud we’ve been the first to manage it, despite such a physically and emotionally challenging shoot”.

CROWHURST is a Great Point Media presentation of a Splash Page Media production in association with Sterling Pictures, executive produced by Jim Reeve, Robert Halmi Jnr and Nicolas Roeg, produced by Michael Riley and written by Andy Briggs.

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