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Singer, songwriter, author and acting sensation Carrie Hope Fletcher launches anti-piracy #GetItRight campaign

13 October 2016

Carrie Hope Fletcher joins forces with some of UK’s best creative talents to raise awareness of importance of reducing piracy and promoting access to legal content

Show your support and share how much time you spend on your passion for TV, films, books, sport or music #GetItRight

Singer, songwriter, author and acting sensation Carrie Hope Fletcher is the latest creative force to join the @GetItRight campaign, which promotes respect for the value of creativity in the UK and challenges people to think about the enormous commitment and amount of time it takes to create content.

Carrie Hope Fletcher and @GetItRight hopes to dramatically reduce piracy by engaging people around their love of content whilst encouraging them to invest in and source it from the huge array of legal sites now available. The campaign aims to help to safeguard the UK’s creative industries, worth an estimated £84.1 billion a year to the UK economy[i].

A legion of supporters
Carrie Hope Fletcher joins celebrity voice coach Cece Sammy, YouTube gaming superstar JMX, grime artist Ghetts, singer-songwriter Lapsley, urban poet Suli Breaks, actor Ashley Thomas, CEO and Founder of SBTV Jamal Edwards, actress Lily Loveless, England international rugby player James Haskell, and record producer Steve Levine, who all back the campaign.

A diverse collection of supporters have shared images and videos online with their fans, showcasing how many hours they spend on their creative passion or specific pieces of work in their career. This group of heavyweight creative talents are using YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to spread the love for genuine sites using #GetItRight.

And they want everyone to do the same, letting the world know how much time people across the UK spend enjoying their favourite TV, films, books, sport or music – and creating content themselves.




Precious time
The aim is simple: help people make an informed decision by educating them on the amount of the time that goes in to making the content they love from start to finish, reminding them about how much time they spend enjoying it and why getting content from the genuine sites and sources helps ensure there is more content and opportunity in the creative industries in the future.

Of the 16-24 year old age group, 53% say that they would be more inclined to purchase content if they were made more aware of the time it took for the artist/writer to produce it[i].

The message is getting through. 72% of the same respondents also believe it is important to fund creatives/athletes to ensure they can continue to create content we like to consume every day.[i]

Carrie Hope Fletcher, said “I love the ambitious yet simple thrust of this campaign to support creativity. It’s something we should all get behind. As soon as you explain the amount of time you put into your art, it’s impossible to say it doesn’t have value. And we all have a role to play in protecting it. When I think of the combined time cast and crew spend perfecting a scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Les Miserables, it’s a very powerful way of reminding people how much passion and energy goes into making the things millions of people love to watch; so it’s important they get it from a genuine site. That’s the message we want people to take away with them.

We want people to tell us how much time they spend enjoying the stuff we create. It’s so easy. Get a pen and paper. Write down how much time you spend enjoying your favourite TV show, music, films, sport or book and take a picture. Share it with everyone on social media with #GetItRight.”

Marianne Grant, spokesperson, Get It Right from a Genuine Site, said “The second year of our campaign will continue to show our support for UK creativity and encourage everyone to get the TV, films, books, games, sport and music they love from genuine sites and services.

We are delighted Carrie Hope Fletcher has joined our growing legion of supporters to promote and discuss the amount of time it to takes not only those front of stage/camera/team/screen, but also those behind the scenes or supporting all of those creatives and sportspeople, to make the content we all spend precious time consuming.”

The education campaign is working
Now entering the second phase of its ongoing education campaign, Get It Right from a Genuine Site has reached 1 in 5 members of the general population and is seeing encouraging progress amongst 16-24 year olds’ attitudes to online piracy, with six out of 10 admitting to accessing less content from pirate sites than 12 months ago[i].

Over the coming months, the campaign will also, in partnership with the major ISPs, begin sending educational emails to relevant account holders to inform them if their accounts are associated with illegal file-sharing. These Get It Right from a Genuine Site branded messages will direct recipients to a dedicated online resource centre where they can find answers to their questions about the campaign and access helpful resources including a list of genuine sites and sources of online content where they, and others who use their account, can access movies, music, TV shows, book, newspapers, games and sports content legally.

About Get It Right from a Genuine Site
Get It Right from a Genuine Site is an initiative working to promote increased awareness and respect of the value of the UK’s creative industries.

We want to encourage everyone to support the creative industries by accessing the creativity that they love from legitimate online sources, as well as making people aware of the growing number of legitimate online content services. The campaign champions the many different sides of the UK’s creative industries, including music, television, film, book and magazine publishing, sports, gaming and photography. For help on where to find genuine sites, follow this link.

Here’s what our creative talents shared about the time they spend on their passion.
• YouTube star JMX: Five hours per vid and he makes five a week

• Musician Lapsley: 450+ hours making her record Long Way Home

• Poet Suli Breaks: One year to create his one hour show, ‘Not a Role Model’

• England International Rugby Star James Haskell: 4hours minimum every day to be the best athlete he can be

• Actor and musician Ashley Thomas: 960 hours plus preparing for his new HBO show

• Grime artist Ghetts: Spent two and a half years on making Rebel with a Cause

• Actress Lily Loveless: Spends every waking moment being creative

• Music Producer Steve Levine: takes about 7 solid days to make a song

@GetItRight has been supported by 20+ creative heavyweights to date, including the following artists from Music, Film, TV, Sport, Publishing and Gaming:

• Welsh Music award winner, Gwenno

• Mercury Award Nominee, Eska

• Celebrity Voice Coach, CeCe Sammy

• The BRIT school

• Julian Lloyd Weber

• YouTube gaming superstar, JMX

• Grime artist, Ghetts

• Singer-songwriter, Lapsley,

• Urban poet, Suli Breaks

• Actor, Ashley Thomas

• Actress, Lily Loveless

• England International rugby player, James Haskell

• R record producer, Steve Levine

• Singer, Louis Berry

• Actress, Katherine Rose Morley

• Digital creative, Leon Rossiter

• Award winning photographer, Mr Whisper

• AFC Bournemouth Captain, Tommy Elphick

• Poet, Benjamin Zephania

• Producer + Musician, Mike Skinner of The Streets

• Actress, Felicity Jones

• Singer and rap artist, Lady Leshurr

Research conducted by USP with 1559 respondents aged between 16-24 across the UK between 22nd July and 2nd August 2016.

[1] Source

[1] Source: Get It Right From A Genuine Site research study, conducted by USP on 02/08/16

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