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Sir Anthony Hopkins wanted for RED sequel

24 May 2012

British acting legend Sir Anthony Hopkins is the latest high profile name who is close to signing a deal in the high octane sequel to RED.

Reports suggest that the Thor actor will play a genius scientist who is locked inside a mental asylum in Dean Parisot's sequel to the 2010 action film that will see Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Dame Helen Mirren return to their respective roles.

Should Hopkins sign to the film, it will reunite him with Mirren since they worked together recently on the upcoming Hitchcock biopic.

Based on the three-issue DC Comics miniseries by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner the film follows a group of former special agents forced to return to the field from retirement and has also attracted the attention of Rock of Ages star Catherine Zeta-Jones and G.I Joe: Retaliation villain Byun-Hun Lee.

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