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Sir Ben Kingsley confirmed as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

31 May 2012

Marvel fans the world over can rejoice that news has emerged that British acting legend  Sir Ben Kingsley has been confirmed to be playing the fan favourite villain The Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

The Latino Review report that the veteran actor who can currently be seen in The Dictator will take a supporting role behind Guy Pearce's main villain Aldrich Killian in the hotly anticipated sequel from Shane Black.

The controversial foe was previously rumoured to appear in Iron Man 2 after the villain was hinted at in the 2008 original and for Iron Man 3, he is said to be a "silent partner" in the formation of Killian's superpowered Extremis army, while James Badge Dale will be the cyborg villain Coldblood and was yesterday pictured in the Iron Patriot armour.

Iron Patiot was the armour used by Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn for the Dark Reign and Siege storylines in Marvel Comics lore, however the rights to the villain are held at Sony, so it is rather unlikely that the antagonist will appear in the film.

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