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Sir Ben Kingsley wants to discover emerging filmmaking talent

29 December 2011

Multi award winning Sir Ben Kingsley known for films including Gandhi, Schindler's List, Shutter Island and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has revealed that he has a passion for storytelling.

The Thunderbirds villain told The Huffington Post that he gets most excited to work with emerging filmmakers "I want to discover new directors and new writers... I have a passion for storytelling, it's really all I live for; it's all I have. It's what I do in order to be me.

There may be some filmmakers lurking out there, that are first-time directors that are absolute geniuses, they don't even have a name yet in my head. Those are the ones that excite me. To be with a director taking his or her first steps is thrilling."

Kingsley can currently be seen in his three time Golden Globe nominated role of Georges Méliès in Martin Scorsese's Hugo and will next be seen alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in Larry Charles' The Dictator on May 18 and is set to star as Mazer Rackham in Gavin Hood's Ender's Game alongside his Hugo co-star Asa Butterfield.

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