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Small, but Feisty: A Conversation with Internationally Award Winning Actress, Producer & Voice Artist Francesca Louise White

29 January 2019

Francesca Louise White is a "small, but feisty" Internationally Award Winning Stage and Screen Actress, Producer and Voice-artist. After gaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama from Exeter University then travelled across the pond to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and The Groundlings to study acting. Returning to the UK to build a career, she has performed in steadily growing range of diverse short and feature length films, television series pilots and plays among other work. Best known project to date is 'King of Crime' by Matt Gambell for Linda Dunscombe Films & Springbean Ltd which is currently available to watch on: Sky, Amazon, Googleplay, Sony, Virgin, iTunes and can be bought nationwide in Tesco and ASDA stores.

The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali caught up with Francesca to talk about her career, we talk about her career as a whole, being Sophie in The Unseen World: The Crown of Thorns, playing Gemma in King of Crime and being a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...


If we go back to the beginning, was there a defining moment for you to get into the Film Industry?

Hmm that’s a tough one to answer as it wasn’t a conscious decision to mainly focus on the film industry over theatre, and I do enjoy performing in a good stage play. That being said, my family and I have always enjoyed films: particularly science-fiction like ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Galaxy Quest’ and ‘Star Trek’. Films have helped me re-evaluate, distract myself or simply let go of my real life issues on many an occasion and I love being a part of that; inspiring, connecting with and sometimes even helping in that way. I’ve always performed from: ballet, martial arts, to piano and Latin. Telling stories in front of the camera and playing other people with that level of intensity and vulnerability, as is so clear in the face, eyes and body language extremely close-up on film, is definitely now a preference.


You’re going to be Sophie in the TV Series The Unseen World: The Crown of Thorns, what can you tell us about working on that and where Sophie fits into the story?

We shot the pilot a couple of years back now but I know Craig Teal (the Director/Writer/Creator) is definitely still working to get the full series made. Sophie is an innocent in the story who finds her strength as it progresses; she’s the main protagonist who leads the audience through the magical World that was previously hidden to her and the viewers. I greatly enjoyed working with the ridiculously talented DoP Robert Beck whose experience and vision were well utilised in filming the pilot for the series. The same for Jenn Day playing Jessica, and Chris Dane playing The Man in Grey, both of whom have fantastic acting instincts and I’d love to work with each of them again. I remember clearly being awed by Chris’ behind the scenes video interview answers which put mine to shame!




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