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Some Of The Most Critically Acclaimed Films Are Based Around Betting – Betting On Film: What Makes An Excellent Gambling Movie?

03 December 2020

Film and gambling are a match made in heaven. Some of the biggest and most critically acclaimed films of all time are based around betting, from Casino to Goodfellas and the Ocean 11 pictures. But, with so many available to audiences, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. After all, you don't want an easy watch that is just okay. Like Goodfellas, you need something that will engage you and make you happy you picked the title over everything else. Thankfully, the amount of choice doesn't have to get in the way if you're a movie buff who likes to see the roulette wheel spin on the silver screen. All you have to do is remember what makes a film about gambling iconic.




There are some facts about the betting sector that you should know. For example, the industry is valued at over £14 billion in the UK alone. More than a third comes from the remote markers, such as online casino and bingo games and sports wagers, and around 50% of Brits bet in some form over a one-month period. William Hill is among many options on the market that offer a range of games and bonuses, from sports to poker, blackjack and slot machines. They have expanded their compatibility to mobile devices with an Apple app, in response to a demand for on-the-go entertainment. The point is this – the industry is very popular. Therefore, people understand what is real and what is fake when they see it on their TV or mobile devices. So, as the sector's popularity grows, it becomes more important for producers and directors to create something legitimate.

Interesting Characters

Sometimes, movies that centre on gambling aren't going to be 100% realistic. Take Casino Royale. James Bond, a spy working for MI6, must save the world by beating an evil genius at a poker tournament and uncover a secret society hell-bent on destroying civilisation. It's not every day you can do this in the office. Still, Rotten Tomatoes awards it a score of 95% because Daniel Craig and Eva Green masterfully played the characters. Two people who shouldn't have been relatable became so due to their flaws and personal growth throughout the plot. Without it, the title would have been another spy adaptation that viewers started to resent back in the early 2000s.

Easy to Follow  

Last but not least, the story has to be easy to follow since the material won't always be common knowledge to viewers. Comedy films like Eurovision Song Contest don't achieve big-hit status by crafting intricate storylines but by building on a base plot that is simple and easy to understand. Even with more complex and serious storylines, interest can be maintained where the filmmakers endeavour to make the most complicated parts more digestible - through exposition and so on. In other words, in a good casino film, you won't necessarily need to know the finer details of poker to grasp what's going on.

If you're dying to watch a gambling film and don't know which one to choose, always look for authenticity, interesting characters and a plot you can follow. 



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