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The Jonas Brothers + Beyoncé + Tim McGraw + Lady Gaga + Jessie J + Halle Berry: Some of the Weirded Celebrity Fan Encounters

23 December 2020

In our world, celebrity culture is quite prominent. There are so many fans who are ready to do some outright bizarre things to grab the attention of the celeb of their favourite celebrity. In this list, we will check out some of the wackiest fan-encounters you may hear of. 

The Jonas Brothers

There are literally so many strange things that tween fans must have done for these boys while they were at the zenith of their popularity. However, one of the weirdest encounters that a fan has had was when a fan gifted them with a dark preserved sharp.

Of course, it was not a giant shark, but just a small baby shark, but they presented it in a small tube to them. Nick, from the Jonas brother, commented that it was kind of odd. Well, it sure was odd. 




When Beyoncé was performing in Sao Paolo in Brazil, a crazy fan jumped straight onto the stage to profess his love for Beyoncé. Apparently, he wanted to take Beyoncé home. The good thing is Beyoncé pretty well handled the situation and did not make security take him away. Laila, an educator who offers online assignment help, says that she was there in the concert and loved how Beyoncé went ahead and introduced herself to the fan. Well, yes, Laila, we are fans of Beyoncé too. 



Tim McGraw

The incident with Tim McGraw happened back in 2014 when he was performing on the stage in Atlanta. A crazy fan reached out on the stage where the singer was performing and tried to rip off his pants. The incident did not quite go well with McGraw, and he went ahead to slap this female fan upside the head. Well, unfortunately, this proved to be a bad move for him. 



Justin Bieber

When Bieber appeared on the Ellen show, Ellen revealed that she showed up at Justin’s fan’s house and put the unwary fan in the box to take her to the show. The fan had no idea what was happening. Then she wheeled the box out on the stage and opened it in the studio amidst the audience with the cameras rolling.

Then the surprised female fan was introduced to Bieber, who was celebrating his 18th birthday on that day. It was indeed a dream come true for the young fan, and Bieber was more than humble that day. She sure did not think that she would wake up one morning with Ellen at her door, followed by actually being a part of Ellen’s show, and then meeting the idol of her dream, Justin Bieber. Well, quite a dream come true for sure. 



Ok Taecyeon

Taecyeon, the magnificent Kpop star, had quite a unique experience with one of his female fans. So, a fan wrote him a letter, but she did not use a pencil or regular ink for writing the letter. In fact, what she used does not even fall into the category of inks. So, guess what the girl used? She used her menstrual blood. Creepy? Well, it sure was. She wrote, “You cannot live without me.” What made it even more bizarre was this already cryptic message was topped off with a cherry, ah, a sprinkle of her pubic hair. 



Lady Gaga

At one of the concerts, Lady Gaga invited some of her loyal fans to come up to share the stage with her. One of her very devoted fans did not give two and thoughts and made the stage her own. Naina, an associate with TopAssignmentExperts, says that she was quite impressed with the singing of Gaga’s fan. We cannot agree more.

So, basically, what the fan did was she stole the microphone and (quite literally the whole show) began singing “Born This Way.” She used all her might and sang and grooved like there was no tomorrow. But what was even more impressive was how Lady Gaga took it so well. She swayed along with the fan and enjoyed the fan’s rendition of her song. We are sure both Lady Gaga and the crowd loved the fan’s singing. How the fan sang seemed like an immense tribute for Gaga and not some egotistical move, to be honest with you. 



Jessie J

Jessie J, the famous pop singer, too, had a weird fan encounter. So, what happened was a stalker fan broker her own leg to look like Jessie H. In 2011, Jessie broke her foot, and what next? A teen-fan tracked Jessie’s private details and sent her a picture of her own injured foot. What followed next was horrifying. The fan-filled Jessie’s inbox with innumerable messages. One amongst them was, “I will do anything to be just like you.” We do have some crazy fans out there. 



Halle Berry

Halle Berry, too, received quite a bizarre fan mail. In the mail, she received a marriage proposal from a fan along with a diamond ring. Gargi, an educator with java homework help, says that I do not know about anyone else, but I would also do the same thing if I were a man. Well, we feel you, Gargi. To put it out there, we love diamonds too. You can ping us, and we can send you the address where you can mail the diamond ring.


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