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Sony Reveals Plans To Release Two New Marvel Movies In 2023 Under Their Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters Banner

03 November 2021

Sony has put the wheels in motion, as they have revealed they intend to release at least two new Marvel movies in 2023.

The films – which will reportedly take place in Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters – are currently untitled, and it is thought it will contain the same villains as Spiderman.

SPUMC will continue to gather pace over the coming years, and the Morbius film, which will star Jared Leto, is expected to hit cinema screens in January 2022.

It is also believed that a Kraven the Hunter movie will hit cinemas in January 2023, and now two dates in June and October 2023 have been earmarked for the potential releases of new films.

Indeed, one of the dates that had originally been slated, had clashed with Disney. They were in the process of launching their own MCU project, however, they ended up deciding to drop the date to steer clear of stepping on Sony’s toes.

Nevertheless, the fact that there are so many new Marvel projects in the works will be music to the ears of fans.



The Marvel franchise has been an undoubted success since it exploded onto the scene. There have been multiple video games released and even more planned to come based on the MCU, and the recent success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is a testament to the popularity of the characters that only seems to grow from year to year.

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Although there has been no official confirmation about the Marvel films that will be released, the crossover between Sony and Marvel is a natural one.



Marvel president Kevin Feige had previously discussed how a collaboration between Marvel and Sony had been in the pipeline for some time, especially when referring to the Venom and No Way Home production teams.

He said “There was a lot of coordination – and if you don’t know all the coordination yet, I’m not going to be the one to tell you – but yes, between Sony and Marvel and the Venom team, and the No Way Home team… We worked together on it.”

However, with little teased about the new Marvel films, what should fans expect?

There have been suggestions there could be a new Spider Woman coming out, or that we could be finally getting a Sinister Six film in 2023? Alternatively, we could be treated to a new Jackpot film, which was written by Marc Guggenheim.

Either way, fans will be left on tenterhooks, and these are exciting times for Marvel, and the cinema industry as a whole. Now, it’s just a case of sitting tight, and seeing what comes next.

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