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Sought After Actress Margot Robbie opens up about supporting #MeToo and her obsession with Harry Potter in Latest Issue of ES Magazine

19 July 2018

This week, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after names, Margot Robbie, talks exclusively to ES magazine about her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, returning to her role as Harley Quinn and why she never does anything on her own.

Interview Highlights

On supporting the #MeToo movement "Of course I knew the problem existed. I just hadn’t viewed it as a problem we were allowed to be angry about. Because no one spoke about it, no one said, “I am not putting up with this anymore.” It wasn’t called a problem, it was called a fact of life. That is such a terrible mindset. If we just accept things like sexual harassment as a fact of life, it doesn’t get fixed."

On playing Harley Quinn in Gotham City Sirens "If I was going to play Harley again, I wanted it to be in the kind of movie I wanted to see. So it’s about a girl gang." [The film is due to start filming early next year.]

On her obsession with Harry Potter [Robbie has been reading the Harry Potter books on a loop since she was eight years old.] "Right now I am on the fifth book. I know what’s coming next when I turn the page. I can’t meditate and this is what I have to do to fall asleep. Vaughn [the director of Terminal] told me that if you have trouble sleeping, which I do, you should read something that you are very familiar with to calm you. If I read something new before I go to bed, my brain goes 1,000 miles an a hour. Reading Harry Potter makes me happy and calms me. I read for about an hour to two hours every night. My husband hates it."

On why she never does anything alone "I never do anything on my own. I don’t see the purpose of doing anything if I don’t do it with my friends. I go mental when I am on my own; my thoughts are so loud it drives me insane."

On having a chaotic yet independent childhood "We weren’t easy kids, we didn’t make it easy for Mum.’ [Not least Robbie herself, who was determined to assert her independence from a young age.] ‘When I was five I was watching my mum put spread on my sandwich for school and I was saying, “It’s not going to the edges”, and she was like, “If I am not doing it right, do it yourself.” So I started making my own lunch from five years old. If I wanted something a certain way I just did it myself. Mum says it sums me up. I’m still trying to make it up to her."

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The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, Thursday 19th July

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