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Spike Lee’s Using Kickstarter to Fund a Vampire Movie?

26 July 2013

Spike Lee wants the Internet to fund his next project. The New York film director took to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to pitch his new movie idea to the world in hopes to raise the $1.25 million needed to make it a reality.

There's just one problem: we don't know what the hell it's about.

The creator of cult classics like "Malcom X" and "Do the Right Thing" posted a video to his Kickstarter page and explained the new movie would feature "humans who are thirsty for blood." That implies vampires, but Lee never says for sure. He only jokingly assures the movie isn't going to be "Blacula," but doesn't offer any other details, just some cool video angles from his office in Brooklyn.

Spike is following a recent trend of established filmmakers turning to Kickstarter for funding. Before cancelation, "Veronica Mars," starring Kristen Bell, would air across direct tv networks and gained a cult following even after the show was pulled. Creator Rob Thomas took to the crowdfunding site after fans insisted they wanted more "Veronica Mars" on the big screen. The project earned more than $5 million, well beyond the amount needed to greenlight the movie.

"Scrubs" star Zack Braff followed up on a project of his own. The creator of the popular indie film "Garden State" saw demand for a follow-up, so Braff managed to raise $3 million on Kickstarter to make it happen.

Though late to the party, Lee sees the trend of success and wants some of it for himself. The difference, however, is that Thomas and Braff followed up on the success of previous projects, giving plentiful detail. Spike Lee is keeping his little project in secrecy and selling it based on his own name alone. Though his asking price of $1.25 million is much lower in comparison, it's certainly a leap of faith.

Not everyone is receptive to Hollywood's involvement with Kickstarter, though. When a name like Zack Braff tried crowdfunding for his new movie, a lot of fans were upset. Celebrities like Braff have access to money to make these movies happens and some fans feel like they're taking advantage of a system meant for the little guy. Writer and director Kevin Smith explained to Hollywood Reporter why he isn't going to Kickstarter to fund his newest movie, "Clerks III."

"I have access to money," he said in an interview. Smith said that between his cash and his connections, he won't need handouts from fans to make "Clerks III" happen. As for Spike Lee, the response to his new "vampire" project could swing either way. Whoever pledges $10,000 gets to sit next to him courtside during a New York Knicks game. That alone could be worth a vampire Spike Lee Joint.