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Star Wars-themed holidays: See STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI on Europe’s Best Screens, as well as Surrounding Points of Interest

14 December 2017

Holiday rental-comparison portal Holidu offers Star Wars fans ideas for fun weekend holiday adventures throughout Europe that are based on George Lucas’s galactic film franchise. Holidu not only recommends the continent’s best movie screens at which you can enjoy “The Last Jedi,” but also tech and space-related sights nearby to make the journey worth your while.

On December 14, the latest instalment of the The Star Wars epic "The Last Jedi" will be released worldwide - reuniting Star Wars fans throughout the globe with their beloved Luke Skywalker and company. But where should hard core fans watch the film, to ensure an unbeatable cosmic experience? Below, Holidu not only recommends the most tech-forward cinemas but also sightseeing tips for the most tech-savvy fans (“techtivities”), coupled with intel on prices and accommodations timed with the movie’s release date.

Spectacular cinema short trips with futuristic technologies
Nearly every European cinema has special events planned for opening day, like double features and midnight previews. Star Wars fans who want to watch the long-awaited spectacle on large, high-tech screens with superb sound quality can combine a visit to the cinema with a quick, worthwhile trip. Digital 3D, 4K resolution and perfect surround sound are non-negotiable for this film.

IMAX theatres, in particular, which complement the special cameras used for filming, boast a particularly high resolution, and offer the widest standardised film format are actually quite hard to come by in Europe. As such, consider packing your suitcases and heading to the nearest (cinema) technologically-forward metropolis.



With a height of more than 20 meters and a width of 26 meters, the city on the Thames offers Britain's largest cinema screen, aka the "BFI IMAX.” The audience rows are staggered in such a way that the view for any moviegoer will always be clear - no heads in front of you, blocking your view. The cinema is located on a traffic island and can only be reached via tunnels.

• Cinema: BFI IMAX

Overnight stay apartment: 63 £ p. p

• Techtivity: Royal Observatory: The zero meridian runs through the centre of the observatory in Greenwich, where East meets West. At the Royal Observatory, space enthusiasts can take a closer look at the solar system and distant galaxies - and even touch a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite. 



Berlin is one of only three cities in Germany where you can find an IMAX cinema. At the glamorous Sony Centre, Star Wars fans are offered a 3D entertainment experience in their amphitheatre-style seating that is supposed to be "so real that you can physically feel it.”

It’s up to you to decide if you’re comfortable with this during the space battle scenes! Not a bad trade-off for a seat in one of the cinema’s luxurious leather armchairs. Holiday flats can be rented for an average of 47 £ per night and person. 

• Cinema: Cinestar IMAX at the Sonycenter 

Overnight stay apartment: approx. 47 £ p.p. 

• Techtivity: Yoda, Darth Vader, Rey and other Star Wars characters come (almost) to life, featured in full size at Madame Tussaud’s WaxWorks. Here, fans can face the dark Lord Vader eye-to-eye or immortalize themselves in a Selfie with ever-wise Jedi master Yoda. 



A tech-forward cinema in Mozart’s city? You better believe it. The people of Salzburg not only enjoy classical music straight from the past, but also “Dolby Atmos Surround-Sound” in the city centre’s IMAX cinema. An overnight stay in a holiday apartment costs an average of 40 £ per person on premiere day.

• Cinema: Cineplexx Salzburg City 

Overnight stay apartment: approx. 40 £ p. p. 

• Techtivity: At the House of Nature, those interested in all things extra-terrestrial will enjoy space exhibition "Our Universe." Here you’ll learn everything from the origins of our solar system to the mechanics powering modern spaceflight. 



The capital of the Netherlands is always worth a visit - especially for the start of "The last Jedi" on December 14th. Northern Holland’s cinema "Pathe City" offers all technological refinements for this film spectacle. The overnight stay in a holiday apartment costs an average of 62 £ per person.

• Cinema: Pathé Arena 

Overnight stay apartment: approx. 62 £ p. p. 

• Techtivity: Star Wars fans are advised to take a short trip to experience a great exhibition: The travelling exhibition "Star Wars Identities" will be on show until 11 March 2018 in Utrecht, about 50 kilometres away. Here you’ll be able to see 200 original costumes, models, props and sets - making the fans feel as though they’re right on the movie set. 

Additionally, directly in the heart of Amsterdam is the film museum "EYE," which is heaven for filmofiles thanks to its cinema-specific exhibition (including four cinemas). The building itself is also a real eye-catcher for fans of modern architecture. 



Prague Castle at night fits pairs nicely with this space trilogy’s generally gloomy atmosphere. The cinema "IMAX Flora" is centrally located in the city centre of Prague and offers moviegoers its renowned, slightly curved screen that maximises field of vision. While ordinary cinemas offer approximately 54 degrees, the viewing angle here is increased to an average of 70 degrees, giving the brain a stronger sense of movement and more realistic viewing experience. Be sure to consider an overnight stay at a holiday flat - it’s quite inexpensive, with an average of 34 £ per person.

• Cinema: IMAX Flora 

Overnight stay apartment: approx. 34 £ p. p. 

• Techtivity: The National Technical Museum in Prague also offers technology enthusiasts numerous exhibitions on a wide variety of topics. Of course, the "infinite vastness" in the astronomy department is worth calling out here. 



Combine the extra-terrestrial with romance: The high-tech cinema "Pathé Quai d' Ivry" is located directly on the Seine. The theatre’s futuristic façade is already in line with our theme here. The average overnight stay in a holiday apartment is 63 £ per person.

• Cinema: Cinéma Pathé Quai d' Ivry 

Overnight stay apartment: 63 £ p. p. 

• Techtivity: At Disneyland Paris, Star Wars fans can feel like real Jedis and experience space battles up close on the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain roller coaster, or meet Darth Vader and Master Yoda while wandering around at the park’s other attractions. 



Star Wars fans should definitely go on a pilgrimage to Café Odyssey: colourful crepes in galactic themes are served in this Star Wars-themed establishment.  The idea for this research first came to the Holidu team when an employee first started planning an upcoming trip to Salzburg. Because there’s no high-tech cinema in Munich, where the company’s headquartered, Holidu front-end developer Simon Männlein researched the nearest possibility, which turned out to be in Salzburg. He began researching other points of interest in Salzburg to make the trip even more worth his while. From this, we learned that hard core Star Wars fans frequently travel abroad to watch the opening night in the “perfect” setting.

We, led by online marketing manager and bona fide Star Wars fan Sebastian Kugler, began compiling sightseeing tips in cities home to high-tech cinemas, to complement people’s cinematic journeys with other cultural attractions.

Data collection: The prices for the apartments were collected from the Holidu database in November 2017. We were looking for a holiday home or apartment for two people in the night from 13.12.2017 to 14.12.2017, the premiere of the film Star Wars: The last Jedi. The average price per night and person was determined, whereby the mean value above the median was calculated for particularly reliable data and statistical outliers were not taken into account. When selecting the sample apartment apartments, care was taken to ensure that they are located near the cinemas mentioned above. All the cinemas show "The last Jedi" in original sound (some with subtitles in the local language, such as in Paris). For more information about Holidu go here.

Please feel free to e-mail or give Holidu a call. They look forward to working with you!

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