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Stephen Dorff thinks no director can beat Sofia Coppola

27 November 2010

Stephen Dorff stars in new film Somewhere and has said that he found the process of working with the Oscar-nominated director, Sofia Coppola on the film was so amazing that he is worried no other director can compare.

He explained: "I've been in the business my whole life. I'm an old man. I'm 37 for Christ sakes. But after working with Sofia, I'm having a hard time finding anything that is remotely as good.

"Working with Sofia was king of like the kiss of death. I told Sofia, ‘I hope we get to do another one because it's very hard to find another one now after I've worked with you because it was such an amazing experience'."

Stephen thinks his role in Somewhere - in which he portrays a bad boy actor who is forced to sober up when he receives a visit from his 11-year-old daughter (played by Elle Fanning) - is not only the best part he has ever played but is also the best role of the last five years in Hollywood.

He said: "Certainly this is the best part I've ever played, especially in this time when there are less and less movies about real characters and original voices and directors that have original styles.

"Sofia gave me single-handedly, the best role in the last five years for a young man. Nothing compares to it. I've read everything and it is the best."

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