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Still hope for The Lone Ranger and The Dark Tower

18 August 2011

Although time has been called on both The Lone Ranger and The Dark Tower film projects, it looks as though there may be hope after all.

At this very moment the director and producer of The Dark Tower Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, are currently trying to gain funding in Hollywood after Universal dropped the project recently.

However due to Howard’s work commitments to Rush and Spy Vs. Spy, it looks as though it could be some time before the project could be picked up again. Grazer told the New York post, “the soonest we could do it would be June next year.”

The Lone Ranger on the other hand could be back on very soon, as director Gore Verbinski plans to drastically reduce the film’s budget of $250m.

CGI werewolves have already been cut from the film’s script in an attempt to save money on the project, and it looks as though Disney may go back to the start with the film and hand the project over to someone else, which would obviously delay the film further.