Studio POW Unveil The Trailer, Poster And Photo Set For Adrian Shergold's CORDELIA Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes | The Fan Carpet

Studio POW Unveil The Trailer, Poster And Photo Set For Adrian Shergold’s CORDELIA Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes

15 September 2020

CORDELIA, the British thriller directed by Adrian Shergold and starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes (3096 Days, the forthcoming The Other Me) and Johnny Flynn (Beast, Emma), is set to open in cinemas on 23 October, check out the Trailer below, courtesy of Studio POW!

Cordelia (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) lives with her twin sister Caroline (Campbell-Hughes) in their central London basement flat. Years earlier, Cordelia had been caught up in a traumatic event that left her guilt-ridden and fragile. Her gradual recovery and search for independence is jeopardised when her sister leaves for a weekend away.



For the first time she meets her mysterious neighbour Frank (Johnny Flynn), a cellist whose music has intrigued her. As their relationship develops, Cordelia becomes convinced she is being stalked. Increasingly anxious and unsure of Frank’s motives, Cordelia begins to unravel.



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