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Sublime Universal set to Host ‘Female-Driven’ Short Film Night At the prestigious Tribeca Film Centre TONIGHT!

08 February 2017

Sublime Universal is hosting a new ‘female-driven’ short film night on Wednesday 8 February 2017 at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Centre, in Manhattan, New York.

The event has been playfully titled: ‘Catfish Shorts...... Look What the Cat Brought In’ and is the brainchild of Melissa Jean Woodside, founder of UK-US film production company, Sublime Universal.

The new biannual event will feature a collection of specially selected films from the US, UK and Canada that have strong female involvement in key roles.

Melissa said “Many of the selected short films are comedies. They are female-driven in terms of production and casting, with special consideration for LGBT and under-represented minorities.

The main aim of our film night is to provide a platform for emerging film acting and production talent. My hope is that attendees can forge transatlantic working relationships with each other and that short films are recognised as a valid cinematic medium.”

Explaining the underlying theme for the film night, Courtney Harmstone, event programmer, said “The word ‘Catfish’ is a reference to relationships and the mischief involved in finding and keeping a partner!”



The event will also include special guests and talks by notable filmmakers. In addition, Mélissa Jean Woodside will present exclusive trailers of her own short films, including Green Sweater Guy (available NOW on Amazon) and Royal romantic comedy, Podsnappery: A Question of Conception.




For more information on Mélissa Jean Woodside please visit her Official Website, Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on Sublime Universal visit the Official Website. Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on Podsnappery: A Question of Conception visit the Official Website.

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