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Submissions NOW OPEN for the FIRST ACT FILM FESTIVAL Scotland’s Most Exciting New Film Festival

05 February 2016

The First Act Film Festival is searching for the finest short films made by young filmmakers in Scotland. Taking place on March 29th at the Centre For Contemporary Arts, the festival will bring together Scotland's most exciting upcoming filmmakers for a night of celebration and networking. Submissions are now open to films up to 15 minutes in length, made by filmmakers aged 25 or under.

(Pictured below) The First Act Film Festival Committee ! is a collective of 16-25 year old filmmakers, and is always open to new members




The gates are now open to Scotland's most exciting new film festival. The First Act Film Festival is the only film festival in Scotland programmed by young filmmakers, for young filmmakers. Submissions are open for films under 15 minutes in length, made by filmmakers under the age of 25. Taking place at the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow on March 29th, the Festival is searching for short films that will showcase Scotland's explosive young talent, providing that important first opportunity for young filmmakers to share their work with the world, and that exciting chance to see their film on the big screen.

The First Act Film Festival is a free event, opening 2016's Glasgow Youth Arts Festival, a two- week festival that aims to enrich and enhance the lives of young people on a creative and personal level. March 29th will see Scotland's film scene unite over a high quality program of short films, talks from established members of the industry, and an awards ceremony in the categories of Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

Tickets are available now




"Quite often people keep creativity to themselves, but the First Act Film Festival is about coming together - that's when creativity really blossoms." Claire O'Hara, Director of the Glasgow Youth Arts Hub

Submissions are open now for films under 15 minutes in length by filmmakers based in Scotland under the age of 25, and will close on March 1st. Short films can be submitted at The First Act Film Festival Committee will review submissions and decide on the official selection, as well as the winners of the Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards. Successful filmmakers are invited to attend on the night to see their film on the big screen. Festival partner, the Glasgow Youth Arts Hub, can offer transport or financial support to any young person struggling to attend on the night.

Sean McInally, Festival Director and Founder of Young Filmmakers Glasgow said "As a film student and independent filmmaker, I know how important it is to have your work recognised by audiences beyond the Youtube comments section - by real people in a darkened room. I'm ecstatic to be putting together the First Act Film Festival because it offers young filmmakers like myself the chance to be noticed, and celebrated by our nation. I encourage anyone hiding away their little gem to submit today, and would say to all aspiring filmmakers: now is the time to make your first film! Having received nearly 500 submissions in the short time the call has been out, the passion and ambition for recognition amongst young filmmakers has only been confirmed to me. ! As young filmmakers, we live in an exciting time where we get to be directly involved in the forging of the Scottish film industry. In my lifetime, I want to see it flourish. I don't want Scottish artists to have to flee the country - but to realise their dreams here, at home. By inviting upcoming and established filmmakers, industry members, and youth arts organisations to join the celebration on March 29th, I hope we can begin work on a nationwide filmmaking network - something I intend to bring back bigger and better every year."




The First Act Film Festival is facilitated by Young Filmmakers Glasgow, a filmmaking collective of 16-25 year olds. The group can look back on an amazing year of creativity, opportunity and collaboration, where they sent films to the international festival circuit and received Creative Scotland funding. The First Act Film Festival is their first big step of 2016, and towards establishing the phenomenal talent within Scotland's youth arts scene.




Young Filmmakers Glasgow was founded in October 2014 as a platform for young filmmakers around the city to collaborate, run entirely by its young creatives who met once a week in cafes around Glasgow. 2015 was a year of laying foundations, and producing work that would help members go on to study filmmaking in further education. This year, Young Filmmakers Glasgow wants to focus on impact, and taking opportunity into the hands of young people.! The First Act Film Festival fulfills this aim by providing an audience - a film is, after all, made to be watched. Members from Young Filmmakers Glasgow form the First Act Film Festival committee, a group of budding filmmakers from all over the world, based in Glasgow.

Following this year's festival, Young Filmmakers Glasgow will begin work on their next big project: the First Act Film Fund. This is a fund that aims to give experience and film education to young people across Scotland, and create professional short films that will kickstart a career in the film and television industry. What makes this fund unique is that young people are at its heart: raising the fund and awarding the fund. 2016 is an ambitious year for Young Filmmakers Glasgow, but one in which they hope to leave their mark.

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