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Be Creative + Enjoy Choosing Mix + Matching But Do Not Forget To Be Comfortable: Summer Outfit Ideas You Can Copy From Iconic Movies

17 January 2022

Summer is here and everyone is so excited to finally grab their shorts, tank tops, and dresses again. Sure, things are a little different than last year, but just because traveling is not ideal to do these days doesn't mean you can't enjoy the season. 

While we're all practicing social distancing to protect ourselves and our loved ones, you can still take advantage of the weather outdoors to soak up some sun in some casual but cute outfits. You can even get inspiration from your favorite characters online.



Don’t know what to wear for summer? I bet you want to be stylish and slay every day when the hot season arrives. For some, wearing aesthetic summer outfits is unnecessary. Most people would prefer to feel comfortable, especially cool. Why not settle for only one when you can incorporate comfort and style? 

Here is a list of outfit ideas you definitely must try.

Matching Pull-On Shorts and Top

A pastel-colored Adidas set with sporty stripes on the sleeves and bottoms is effortless to throw on with a pair of, of course, Adidas sneaks. With this outfit, you could stylish, cute and comfy like you are one of the Mean Girls.



Floral Dress

A floral dress on a hot beautiful day is always a classic. Janet’s wardrobe puts even Matt Dillon’s hair to shame. So here’s how to navigate summer clothes in a west coast environment: pair a floral dress with a vintage biker jacket and top off with a hat.

Wearing a nice flowy floral dress just looks super adorable, cool, and comfortable. Match it with an oversized summer hat and cute sandals and you’re good to go. You can these beautiful dresses, too, if you buy from China, Furthermore, a light and fresh makeup would also look totally great with this outfit.

The Spotty Dress

Who says you can only wear dotted clothing on New Year’s Eve? They are definitely wrong! 

In the film, Pretty Woman, the moment that Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, truly transforms into an elegant and sophisticated lady is marked by this amazing brown spotty dress, which she wears to the races. Complete with a stunning straw hat and belt which cinches in the waist, this is a classic movie favorite.



Photo by REX FEATURES grabbed from Glamour Magazine.

The 1970s Shirt

In the classic cult film, Dazed And Confused by Richard Linklater's which has been released in the early 1990s, each of the leading male characters looks flawless. They were dressed in graphic T-shirts, bright, flared jeans, and buckled leather belts. YOu would most definitely want to rewatch it for they have the most impressive selection of shirts we've seen on screen.

With a classic graphic T-shirt, you’ll definitely steal everyone’s attention while you’re out and about with your errands or a day out with friends.

Gingham Swimsuits

Back in the 1950s, Anthony Minghella's tense, blood-drenched thriller, The Talented Mr. Ripley was released and it just has the hottest summer outfits. The movie’s high-end fashion is made for wandering around on white yachts and enjoying martinis on picturesque palazzos. 

Dickie, one of the main characters, emerges in preened 50s resort wear -- all espadrilles, short-sleeved shirts, and swimming trunks -- while his girlfriend, Marge, slays in shirts loosely knotted over gingham swimsuits, accessorizing with oversized woven baskets, tortoise-shell sunglasses, and a slightly pink nose, kissed by the very bright sun.


Skirts are definitely not dresses, no, but considering "Mean Girls" high popularity and fashion inspiration to many girls out there, exceptions are going to be made. Because of the movie, the availability of ruffled mini skirts has grown over the last couple of seasons, especially in summer.

The awesome news is they’re not closely as short as the ones sported by Regina George. They’re structured enough now that you don’t have to fret about looking overly 2004, minus the pink you have to wear every Wednesday.

Classic Stretch High-Rise Denim Mom Short Overall

You wouldn’t get over Betty Cooper’s, played by Lily Reinhart, high rise denim mom short overall with a cute crew neck crop top underneath. Look sporty and chic with these outfits for your summer getaway with friends. Match it with your favorite sneakers and you’ll feel the most comfortable wherever you go. 

Tie Front Crop Top

Now, let’s talk about Betty’s soul sister/best friend, Veronica Lodge. Despite their competitions in academics and over boys, we sure can’t get over their friendship which has stood the test of time. 

While Betty’s on the simple and classic look, we can’t forget Veronica’s elegant and timeless aesthetic outfits. If you want to slay like her, you better get the blue polka dot tie front cropped top she wore in Riverdale’s Season 5, Episode 3 “Graduation”.

Saya Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

In the same season and episode of Riverdale, Veronica wore a pretty yellow ribbed turtleneck sweater paired with a mini skirt. So chic, right? 

This getup is perfect for your day at the mall with your friends, shopping for more clothes. Look simple and cute with this top for the summer.

All You Got To Do

Again, who cares about wearing stylish outfits when you’re not enjoying or living in the moment? Yes, be creative and enjoy choosing mix and matching but also do not forget to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and have fun!

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