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Ben Affleck + Amanda Seyfried + Mila Kunis + Tom Hanks + Jason Segel + Susan Sarandon: Surprising Habits of Hollywood Stars

06 September 2019

Behind the glitz and glamour of their celebrity status, Hollywood stars need to have ways of distressing like the rest of us. But you might be surprised to learn that some celebrities have somewhat unique ways of spending their downtime that you wouldn’t expect. Here are some of the more surprising habits and hobbies of Hollywood stars.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck might be known for being a superhero these days but a lesser known skill that Affleck possesses is playing poker professionally. He’s even competed in several state championships, often walking away with huge six-figure prizes. In his youth he was often caught sharing a table with fellow poker players such as Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, but since then he has been banned from a few casinos so more than likely only plays on online betting sites now.



Amanda Seyfried
Some people collect antiques, other’s collect comics, but for Amanda Seyfried the thing to collect is taxidermied animals. She’s been reported in interviews as saying that when taxidermy is done right, it’s an art.



Mila Kunis
One of Mila Kunis’ biggest passions in life is video gaming, to the point where she had to take a break from playing to make sure she wasn’t getting addicted. She most often plays World of Warcraft and even belongs to a Guild.



Tom Hanks
In Tom Hanks’ house, you’ll find an entire room dedicated to typewriters, which he has collected from antique stores and various locations over the years. The acclaimed actor loves them so much that he even wrote an article about the various sounds that each model of typewriter makes.



Jason Segel
It’s perhaps unsurprising that an actor who starred in a Muppets film is a fan of puppets, but Jason Segel takes his hobby to a whole new level and has a house filled with them. He even has one of himself which he was gifted after starring in the The Muppets film several years ago.



Mike Tyson
Tyson is best known for being a champion in the boxing ring, but few people know that he is also a skilled and well-practiced pigeon racer. He attends pigeon pageants in California each year where the birds are displayed at their best and has dedicated plenty to time to training them.



Nick Offerman
The line between Nick Offerman and his character Ron Swanson on the TV show Parks and Recreation is blurred when it comes to both of their hobbies. The actor is also a woodworker himself and even has his own wood shop where he custom-builds anything from canoes to tables.



Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann is a talented comedic actress but her other skill actually lies in riding a unicycle, which she has practiced since the age of 10. She revealed on the Oprah Winfrey show that she is passionate about riding the no-handles machine and stated that is was her best hidden talent.



Susan Sarandon
Hardcore Susan Sarandon fans may already know that the actress loves to play table tennis, but her passion for ping pong reached new levels when she decided to open a bar and restaurant dedicated to it. SPiN Ping Pong is located in Chicago and offers 20 ping pong tables for guests to play.



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