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Taylor Momsen to quit Gossip Girl

23 November 2010

Taylor Momsen is reportedly getting less screen time on Gossip Girl during the second half of the season.

Taylor, who plays Jenny Humphrey on the hit TV show, will begin an indefinite hiatus after next Monday's episode, according to Deadline.

CW declined to comment but sources said Taylor will be gone for at least four episodes beginning with the show's mid-season finale on December 6.

A show insider maintains that the reduced screen time was due to "strictly creative reasons," but the actress and lead singer in the punk rock band The Pretty Reckless has had some high-profile incidents of late.

Taylor's rebellious side isn't just shaking things up off set, while filming for the show she has also manages to royally annoy cast, including guest star and stylist Tim Gunn, who told E! News:

"What a diva. She was pathetic, she couldn't remember her lines, and she didn't even have that many. I thought to myself, 'Why are we being held hostage by this brat?'"