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THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Award Winning Suspense Drama Written And Directed By Yang Che-Che Lined Up For UK Release

25 February 2020

The Fan Carpet are delighted to share the announcment that the long awaited, award-winning film – THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT, AND THE BEAUTIFUL - an orgy of betrayal – with an all-female cast starring Kara WAI, WU Ke-Xi, and Vicky CHEN, which garnered Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress and the People’s Choice Award at the Golden Horse Awards, will be coming to the UK in March.

Attractive matriarch Madame Tang (Kara Wai) uses culture as a cover as she takes advantage of her late husband’s connections in politics to whitewash shady business deals for the benefit of herself, and her two daughters Ning (Ke-Xi Wu) and Chen (Vicky Chen). Mrs Tang, who ostensibly runs an antiques dealership and dabbles in calligraphy, colludes and mediates between crooked politicians and dubious private businessmen, and frequently entertains them and their elegant wives chatting about art and fashion, while secretly making sure bribes are secured and deals done.

When a land development project in which Madame Tang has encouraged people to invest goes wrong, the local councillor who approved the plans is murdered along with his entire family. The horror shocks the group creating rifts between partners, and Madame Tang’s daughter Chen, the best friend of the councillor's daughter, holds a secret crucial to the development of the case. The three Tang women, shrouded in lies and deceit, fight with all their strength and wits; turning against each other to protect what they value the most. But, none of them foresee the shocking outcome …



Maggie Liang, Managing Director says “We are delighted to be releasing award winning film, The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful to Cineworld cinemas across the UK – it is an incredibly exciting and intriguing thriller, filled with political scandals and family complexities. We believe the film has an international appeal with its beautiful cinematography, universal themes and compelling storyline. It was well received in Asia, we are excited to bring it to British audiences, and look forward to it having the same reception here.”

The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful will then open in Cineworld cinemas at the following venues across the UK, on March 20, 2020:

London O2, London Leicester Square, Birmingham Broad Street, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow Renfrew Street, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield

The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful Film Page


Director’s Statement
The rattan never stops coiling around the tree, even after the tree has died.’ These words come from the lyrics of a Hakka mountain song that depicts the lovers who cannot be separated even by death. Nonetheless, using it to describe the relationships between the heroines in The Bold, The Corrupt And The Beautiful seems rather appropriate.

‘I’m doing this for your own good!’ This is something we often hear from our family; on the surface, love seems to be the motive, however, what is hidden underneath is the unspoken desire for “control”. Starting from the all sorts of lessons arranged during the summer holiday to the choice of friends and jobs, the parents’ total control over their children often results in the incompetence their children suffer all their lives. They stay obedient and naïve forever and never leave their parents. Unfortunately, people always want to control their fates, and when their fates have gone out of their control, it’s just like the rattan and the tree that they remained entwined with each other even after death.

‘One must live like a human being.’ This is my favourite line in the film. Often I cannot stop pondering over the question - if we can’t choose what we want to do in life, what’s the point of being a human being?

The three protagonists in the film are, in fact, the three stages of a woman’s life. This is a tragedy resulting from the fightback mounted by the loss of control.

Lastly, what I would like to depict is that everything has its own life; even the fruits produced by the same flower would grow into different shapes, and that is what we call “life”.

Full list of awards
* Busan International Film Festival – A Window On Asian Cinema, nominee for Kim Ji-seok Award
* Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Opening Film
* Golden Horse Awards – won Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actress (Kara Wai), Best Supporting Actress (Vicky Chen), Audience Choice Award; nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Costume & Makeup Design
* International Film Festival Rotterdam – Voice
* Cambodia International Film Festival
* Osaka Asian Film Festival – Competition
* Cleveland International Film Festival
* Hong Kong Film Awards – nominated for Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
* Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival – Asian Frontiers
* Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema – Avant-Garde & Genre Competition
* Washing, DC International Film Festival – World View
* Singapore Chinese Film Festival
* Seattle International Film Festival
* New York Asian Film Festival
* Taipei Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress (Vicky Chen), Best Screenplay, Best Editing
* Sydney Taiwan Film Festival

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