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The British Board of Film Classification Give Horror Bar Experience KRAKEN SCREAMFEST: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT An 18 Rating

01 November 2019


Kraken Screamfest: The Director’s Cut becomes the first ever immersive horror bar to be rated by The British Board of Film Classification

Today, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have rated Neil Marshall’s (The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Game of Thrones) terrifying Halloween immersive bar ‘Kraken Screamfest: The Director’s Cut’ an 18 and strictly adults only rating, following a minute-by-minute review by the organisation’s compliance team. This makes it the first interactive experience in a bar to be awarded an age rating certificate in the BBFC’s history.

Craig Lapper, Head of Compliance at the BBFC said “This is the first time we've rated an interactive experience in a bar. We approached classifying the event, like we would any film being released in the UK, using our Classification Guidelines. We rated ‘Kraken Screamfest: The Director’s Cut’ based on the adult themes that visitors can expect to see in the 45-minute show.”

The two-day event (held on Thursday October 31st & Friday 1st November 2019) promises to thrill even the most devoted fans of the horror genre. It will be a terrifying experience for those brave enough to step inside the real-world creation of Hollywood director Neil Marshall’s darkest imaginings.  Everything from the décor and the staff to the Kraken Rum cocktails will have a spine-chilling ‘Marshall twist’, with surprises lurking around every corner. Those who scare easily should stay away as The Kraken does NOT do things by halves, and the thrills offered up will no doubt be (almost) as delicious as the drinks on offer!

Neil Marshall, said “I’m over the moon that British Board of Film Classification have provided ‘Kraken Screamfest: The Director’s Cut’ with an 18 rating. I’ve been working closely with Kraken Rum for months to ensure the experience ticks all the right boxes for horror fans. From the outset my aim has been simple: to ensure everyone who comes through the doors leaves with haunting, recurring nightmares! This will be an experience that visitors will never forget.”

‘Kraken Screamfest: The Director’s Cut’ will be launching on Thursday 31st October and Friday 1st November, with slots running from 3.30pm until 10.30pm, depending on availability.

Tickets to the experience are priced at £25 per person and can be purchased from Universe:

More information about the event will be unveiled on The League of Darkness, The Kraken Rum Twitter, Instagram page and Facebook.

Neil Marshall Interview

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