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The Cabin in the Woods Writer and Director Drew Goddard set to take on Marvel’s Spider-Man

02 March 2015

Following the news that Marvel and Sony have reached a deal to put beloved character Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has emerged that Drew Goddard famed for The Cabin in the Woods is set to Write and Direct the forthcoming reboot.

Goddard is an excellent choice for the coveted role to usher in the new Spider-Man franchise, dubbed The Spectacular Spider-Man and he has experience with both Sony and Marvel superhero properties, and has a friendly collaborative relationship with Joss Whedon going all the way back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, their most recent collaboration was the aforementioned The Cabin in the Woods.

Goddard was the first person set to write, direct, and act as showrunner on Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series. After penning the first couple of episodes, he left that show to focus on The Sinister Six spinoff for Sony, however with the new deal to put Spider-Man in the MCU, the planned spinoff is unlikely to happen.

Latino Review report that Marvel and Sony (and now Goddard) already have a solid foundation for Spider-Man, suggesting that the new Spider-Man film will see an established wall crawler.

Reports also suggest that he studios want to cast a young, new actor to play a High School-based Spider-Man, with the thought that he can grow into the role not unlike the actors in the Harry Potter series.

Latino Review also say that “a major part of the first film will involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the ‘audition’ to join the Avengers.” As we know from the comics, Spidey has a long history of trying to get on the Avengers team, so this also seems like a solid decision.

Word is that the new Spider-Man film will involve the formation of The Sinister Six.

With a July 28 2017 release date looming with the Writer and Director in place, the question is ‘Who will suit up as Spider-Man?’