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The Definitive New Documentary From Odyssey Television RUDYARD KIPLING: A SECRET LIFE Out On DVD On October 12

14 September 2020
“It’s just what a documentary ought to be and what most documentaries aren’t” - Patrick Cockburn, author and Middle East Correspondent, THE INDEPENDENT
Following its highly acclaimed TV premiere on the Sky Arts channel in October 2019, the new documentary RUDYARD KIPLING: A SECRET LIFE receives its DVD release on 12th October 2020.
Exploring the tortured hidden life of the author best known for much-loved classics such as The Jungle Book, If and The Just So Stories, RUDYARD KIPLING: A SECRET LIFE conveys the vividness and intensity of Kipling’s public life and his remarkable ability to move between social, political and artistic worlds both in India and in England.  
However, its main focus is a fresh and revealing exploration of events from his ‘secret’ life: a grim childhood legacy of neglect and separation, the devastating loss of two of his three children and the effect that this double tragedy had on his work.
There is a particular focus on the three short stories Kipling wrote about his children’s deaths, They, Mary Postgate and The Gardener - all poignant, dark and sometimes violent.  It also addresses his fluctuating personal and literary reputation and long-held misbeliefs about his life.  
Endorsed by The Kipling Society, RUDYARD KIPLING: A SECRET LIFE features authoritative contributions from three leading Kipling biographers: Professor Harry Ricketts, Professor Jan Montefiore and Andrew Lycett.  It includes stirring readings by actors Nicholas Farrell and Katherine Manners of key extracts from the author’s works and there is a stunning original score played by leading musical ensembles.

RUDYARD KIPLING: A SECRET LIFEis produced and directed by Adrian Munsey and Vance Goodwin, the creative forces behind a raft of documentaries covering subjects as diverse as E.M Forster, the poets of the First World War and multiple aspects of the British royal family.

This documentary is the second in a series of Odyssey programmes about writers, which includes The Pity of War: Poets at the Front (DVD released on 28th September), as well as  E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey and What Was Virginia Woolf Afraid Of? both coming out on DVD later this year.    

Rudyard Kipling: A Secret Life is out on DVD on 12th October 2020.
produced and directed by Adrian Munsey and Vance Goodwin.
© Odyssey Television MMXIX.
About Odyssey Television
Odyssey Television
is a production company created by producer, distributor and TV channel executive Adrian Munsey. Munsey has produced 42 television documentaries, two feature films, co-founded the SKY and Freeview True Movies group of channels, composed, recorded and performed orchestral and vocal music; and released over 500 films on DVD including restoring 21 Merchant Ivory feature films.

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