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The Expendables franchise star Terry Crews wants The Thing role in Fantastic Four

07 October 2013

The Expendables franchise star Terry Crews has revealed that he would like to portray Fantastic Four's the Thing on screen.

Crews recently provided the voice of Blade in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and speaking to Newsarama, the actor also expressed an interest in portraying X-Men hero Colossus in the future explaining "One character I always thought I could play is the Thing from Fantastic Four.

Another character I've always loved as a fan is Colossus. If there was a way to make that happen that worked, I would love to be Colossus."

In the past, Crews was linked to the role of Luke Cage, however Crews said that Marvel's apparent lack of interest in bringing the character to screen deters him from pursuing the role adding "Some people bring up Luke Cage, but honestly I have to step out of that because Marvel's never really expressed an interest in making it.

If Marvel hasn't expressed interest in it, why should I? I'm interested in actually doing a character that'll see the light of day; that's one of the reasons I chose to do Blade here. I don't want to be a part of something that's going to sit on the shelf and never get made."

Crews is currently filming The Expendables 3 under the direction of Patrick Hughes and has Single Moms Club, Aztec Warrior, Draft Day, Reach Me, The Familymoon in post production and will next be heard as Earl Devereaux in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 from October 25.

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