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The Fan Carpet chats with Felicity Jones about Snowboarding

10 February 2011

Birmingham born 27 year old actress Felicity Jones began is best known to audiences for starring as school bully Ethel Hallow in the television series The Worst Witch. Since then she has starred in countless television and film productions such as Weirdsister College (the sequel to The Worst Witch), Doctor Who, Brideshead Revisited, Chéri and Cemetery Junction.

Here she chats with The Fan Carpet about her new romantic comedy Chalet Girl. She plays Kim alongside Gossip Girl heart throb Ed Westwick and acting legends Bill Nighy and Brooke Shields....


What did you think of the cast and the script on your initial read through?

Well, I was full of fear obviously because of the tremendous cast to be surrounded with and some great comic actors. I'd never encountered this type of comedy before, I've always been keen to do comedy and drama so it was quite daunting. But luckily Phil, the director has a very relaxed approach and from the very beginning we met on numerous occasions, he wanted me to be very much a part of the process because Kim is in every scene. He was very open about discussing script changes and anything, we worked on it together. So I felt very comfortable.


So your character, professional skate boarder. Did you learn anything?

I did! That's the most incredible achievement of my life; I've learnt to skateboard. To snowboard is one thing. Everyone has tried it but no one seems to have the will power to see it through. I wanted to learn how to skateboard as well as snowboard so I could understand Kim. The way she moves effects the way you behave depending on what you are doing. So I went to Bay 66 in Notting Hill and had lessons there with a wonderful young skateboarder and fell over many times, but I actually leant how to do it, so I was very proud of myself.


What are the big differences between shooting film and TV?

I think now because of the speed of film it's not too dissimilar to television in a way. You know cause the schedules are always so busy. I think as an actor it doesn't make a difference when making film or television. I think it's just about telling the story of the character as best you can.




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