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The Huffington Post UK launch Episode 3 of #PowerShift featuring Sophie Turner focusing on the global refugee crisis

27 July 2016

Today, Wednesday 27 July, The Huffington Post UK launches Episode Three of their new Original series called ‘#PowerShift’, hosted by Game Of Thrones and X-Men: Apocalypse star, Sophie Turner, focusing on the global refugee crisis and including a first hand account from a Syrian refugee, Mohammed Rajjo.

Sophie Turner uncovers how people are uniting around the world through social media to offer their support. The episode includes an interview with Mohammed Rajjo, a Syrian refugee who fled his country in search of his brother in Germany after 50% of his town were murdered.




Mohammed Rajjo says “I saw in my town when ISIS came. They killed about 50% of my town and because of this, we decided to leave. I seriously don’t wish this on anybody.”

About his experience in a refugee camp and the police in Austria “The camp. I can’t find a word to describe this camp.

In Austria we were 40 people in a van standing up the whole way. The police came and said we shouldn’t be here. I said I don’t want to stay here, I want to go to my brother in Germany and he gave me a punch and pushed me to the wall and I said ‘OK, I won’t do anything, just don’t hit me again’.

I’m 17 years old, I was studying in High School. My father is a Judge and my Mother is a chemistry teacher - we were just living a normal life.”

#PowerShift examines the power of social media and the revolutionary ways in which today's youth are embracing it to create positive change.

You can view the full episode here.

Episodes will be available on HuffPost UK every Wednesday.

Join the conversation using the hashtag #PowerShift and follow The Huffington Post on Twitter: @HuffingtonPost and Sophie Turner on Twitter: @SophieT

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