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The Size Of The Global Film Industry Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down: The Impact Of The Film Industry On Gamstop Online Casinos

11 November 2021

The size of the global Movie Industry reached $136 billion in 2018, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Despite “the Great Lockdown” has resulted in closing all cinemas in the world for at least six months, vaccinated spectators are now back again to their red seats! With such a huge reach, the global film industry has succeeded in influencing audiences in almost every possible way. For example, they set fashion trends, music trends, and buzzwords. In addition, it has the power to influence any other industry even if it shares nothing in common with it!

Among the industries that Hollywood films have greatly influenced is gambling. There are a lot of movies that have used casino games as a creative way to craft a plot related to crime, power, helping friends, quick fortune, or other themes. We cannot deny that many films have brought the classic table games back to the fore. Also, they boosted the popularity of the nascent Gamstop online casino industry, which is only 20 years old.

For example, Hollywood film directors framed Chris Moneymaker’s legendary WSOP win in 2003 as the “modern-day Ali Baba”! So, the press dubbed it the “Moneymaker Effect”. However, gambling in movies appears in a very dark way of addiction, loss of relationships and other depressing feelings. However, these kinds of films are also benefiting the gambling industry! The Rounders movie featured dangerous gambling. Ocean’s11 is about charming criminals. 21 is about the bluffing card-counting strategy in blackjack.

So, how has the gambling industry benefited from Hollywood?



The protagonist always wins against the antagonist

The plot of ​​“The Good Guy Always Wins” is based on the idea that the end justifies the means. The best example of this type of film is the James Bond series. All watchers know that James Bond is charismatic as hell! Throughout the film series, Agent 007 appeared as an incomparable competitor on tables of blackjack, baccarat and poker. He was always humiliating his opponents. However, he gets the win only at the last minute to keep the thrill high! Click here and get more information about these games.

Rounders film revolves around Mike, who has recovered from his addiction to casino games. Mike is forced to go back to playing at the poker tables against Mafia boss John Malkovich to get some money to help his friend who has defaulted on a huge loan. Rounders is one of those great films that tell stories of courage and solid friendship that knows no bounds! It is worth noting that, according to many critics, the role of Mike is one of the best roles that Matt Damon has played in his career.

Ocean’s Eleven movie is about pro thief Danny Ocean who assembles a team of talented con artists to rob three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas owned by rival Terry Benedict and get $150 million. In this movie, you will find yourself standing with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, even though they are criminals, but you will find yourself fascinated by their cunning and handsomeness!

When the average player watches such films, he feels he can be like these protagonists; He wants to be handsome and able to save everyone like James Bond and Brad Pitt or at least George Clooney!



The criminal face of the gambling industry is attractive!

Although casinos, like banks, enforce anti-money laundering laws and keep clients anonymous, film makers have always liked to link them with organized crime!

Casinos in movies are often owned by criminals, or the criminals go there to get their own fortune. Although this is a very bad and completely negative image of the industry, it has succeeded in attracting more players to Gamstop online casinos. For example, the movie 21 made blackjack popular again and showed it as an easy game. Although, of course, this strategy cannot be applied in Gamstop online casinos!

The most prominent evidence of this trend is the Casino movie by the brilliant director Martin Scorsese. This film revolves around Sam, Robert De Niro, who has a lot of experience in casino games and betting. The events of the film begin when Sam takes over the management of a Las Vegas casino by controlling all the attempts of cheating and theft that occur at the blackjack tables. Indeed, he succeeds in this. As a result, in a very short time, he manages to double the casino’s profits! This, of course, does not satisfy mafia agents and corrupt policemen. The last group tries to put Sam in a lot of trouble to get him to quit his job, and when their ways don’t work, they try to get rid of him!

Although this movie deals with the scary topic of organized crime, the criminals appear in an attractive and humane way! They become people we can relate to, and the viewer not only enjoys watching the character but feels himself part of this; He experiences the same level of affluence, luxury, and power.

You may not always win money, but you will definitely win something!

Although you may not always win money, you may win freedom, or girlfriend, or even the happiness of your friends! This way, the protagonist can get through gambling to a happy ending without depositing millions of dollars into a bank account!




“Don’t try this at home”! Although this message does not appear in casino movies, we should remind the players of it! Filmmakers like to manipulate gambling games rules to fit certain scenes in their movies and serve their plot.

Sometimes, a game of chance like baccarat in James Bond films can appear like a game of skill! The scriptwriters drastically changed the concept of the games to match the plot. Also, the main character will be more than lucky to make a connection with the viewer during the film events.

Although a watcher who would not have any previous gambling experience might be quite fascinated by the casino footage, the reality is different. Casino games are always associated with a continuum of excitement and regret.

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