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The King’s Speech Oscar favourite Colin Firth is no eco warrior

29 January 2011

Oscar favourite Colin Firth is the talk of the town right now, his new film swept the board at the Golden Globes and was awarded the Best Picture Award at the Producers Guild Awards.

While he is the golden guy with Hollywood for his sterling performance as the reluctant king in The King's Speech, he has revealed that he is an embarrassment to his eco warrior, film producer wife Livia Giuggioli, and her brother due to his less-than green lifestyle. "I'm not green at all, I'm certainly misrepresented as virtuous on that subject. My brother-in-law is the real expert and my wife is pretty good as well. I'm the one being dragged along having to clean up his behaviour. I'm the one wanting to upgrade my gadgets all the time and wanting to fly everywhere. I'm no eco-warrior."

Colin is deservedly up for the Best Actor gong at the 83rd Academy Awards. Hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, the Oscars will be televised in over 200 countries on February 27.

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