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Measuring The Success Of A Film – GREASE + ROBOCOP + THE MATRIX + THE TERMINATOR: The Online Casino Games Based On Classic Iconic Films

11 May 2022

How do we measure the success and impact of a film? For some, box office receipts are the standard indicator of whether any movie can be counted as successful. For others, it's the reviews from the critics. However, when assessing the long-term success of a film and its true cultural staying power, one should look further afield. If a movie released decades ago is still being reproduced through various multimedia, such as games, books, and spin-offs, then you have a certified success on your hands.

One interesting barometer in this regard is the rise of online casino games that are based on films. Go to any major online casino and you'll find that only the most well-known and widely-loved movies will be recreated as an online slot game. Here are some of the biggest ones. 



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Automatic, sytematic, hydromatic. If you're hopelessly devoted to one of the most iconic and groovy musicals ever created, you can have a spin of the official Grease slot machine. The online casino Paddy Power offers slot games based on a number of iconic movies, of which the Grease slot is one of the most popular. Step into the shoes of Danny and Sandy as you spin the reels to play for real cash prizes, complete with snippets from the original, iconic soundtrack.




Protect the innocent and uphold the law. That's to stock phrase uttered by Robocop, the 80s cyborg crusader on a mission to cleanse a dystopian Detroit of organized crime. If you loved the original film (or you're a committed enough fan to have sat through the sequels) then you can give the official Robocop slot game a spin. In this video slot, you can play for a 2500x jackpot and even try out a bonus "shoot-out" round, featuring none other than Alex Murphy himself. If the original cyberpunk aesthetics and soundtrack hold a special place in your heart, then this game is the one for you. 



The Matrix

The Matrix is, by almost any measure, the most successful sci-fi film ever produced. Its cultural impact continues to resonate through every generation, with countless phrases from the film remaining in the popular lexicon (red or blue pill, anyone?). In the 23 years since the first film was released, fans have been treated to a tsunami of sequels, video game releases, merch drops, and more. Understandably for such a massive media empire, fans can also play an official Matrix online slot game, featuring quotes and characters from the original. For those who were left wanting after The Matrix Awakens, this casino game might offer a little more meat. 

The Terminator

Hasta la vista, baby. Arnie's iconic line from Terminator 2 has echoed through the ages and has since been parodied and recycled across countless other media. If you're a fan of the Terminator franchise, you can try the official Terminator slot to satisfy your craving for all things Arnold. You'll find the T-1000 of course, as well as numerous other characters from the James Cameron run of films, who appear as symbols on the reels with real cash prizes up for grabs. 

Judging from this list, it might be fair to say that if your movie has an online slot game based on it more than 20 years after its original release, it's probably a winner.

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