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THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD – In Cinemas on January 24 – The Best Roles From The Ever Versitile Tilda Swinton

17 January 2020

Adapting one of Charles Dickens’ most beloved characters, Iannucci and regular co-writer Simon Blackwell create a Victorian-set epic that nonetheless feels very modern, fresh and, quite frankly, hilarious. Following Copperfield from early youth through to middle age, the story traces his social awakening, charting huge personal ups and downs as he witnesses the best and worst of humanity. Dickens’ ‘favourite child’ amongst his works, the plot also tackles social injustice in many forms – a lack of protection for children, poor industrial conditions for the working class, and wealth inequality. So, who better to tackle this tale than Iannucci, the genius behind The Thick of It, In the Loop, Veep and The Death of Stalin. His work has peeled back the hypocrisy of the ruling and political class with such unfettered enthusiasm and biting comic acuity.

A look at Tilda’s best work from her varied career culminating in her star turn as Betsey Trotwood in THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD....



Madame D, The Grand Budapest Hotel
The second of numerous collaborations with Wes Anderson, Tilda Swinton is unrecognizable in 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Starring in an important role as Madame D., Swinton is donned in prosthetics that completely transform her from a middle-aged woman to an elderly lady. Hailed as one of the more absurd roles she’s done… until Suspiria rolled around in 2018.



Eva, We Need To Talk About Kevin
A compelling and oftentimes hard-to-watch drama, We Need to Talk About Kevin features an all-time great performance from Swinton. Playing the mother of a troubled child named Kevin, whose actions grow increasingly concerning as he gets older, posing a real risk to Swinton’s character and everyone around them.



Karen Crowder, Michael Clayton
In over thirty years of her acting career, this film is the only nomination and win offered to Swinton by the Academy - and though the movie is good, it’s certainly not her best. Here she plays Karen Crowder, the general counsel of a big corporation that has deliberately created a dangerous product. She’s perhaps one of Swinton’s scariest villains, mainly because she’s knowingly malicious and doesn’t care about hurting others to achieve her goals.



Madame Blanc/Dr Jozef Klemperer, Suspiria
Luca Guadagnino’s 2018 remake of the 1977 cult classic of the same name sees Swinton playing multiple roles instead of one - something not uncommon for her. Playing the chilling headmaster named Madame Blanc, a creepy old man named Dr. Joseph Klemperer, plus a third surprise role, as well. While this movie might not be for everyone, it’s certainly worth it for these performances alone.



Betsey Trotwood, The Personal History Of David Copperfield
Donkeys! Swinton is incredible in this Dicken’s adaptation, playing Copperfield’s formidable aunt. Stern and forward, yet somewhat lovable and endearing, Swinton excels in this role with impeccable comedic timing and embracing Ms Trotwood through and through, providing one of the best reincarnations of the character seen in recent years.

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