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The Staggering Amount Michelle Keegan Can Earn Following The Success Of FOOL ME ONCE On Netflix Just One Week After Its Release

09 January 2024

Michelle Keegan is revealed to earn up to £33,900 per sponsored Instagram post following the release of ‘Fool Me Once’ 

Worldwide searches for ‘Harlan Coben books’ have surged by 506%

Michelle Keegan is set to earn a staggering amount of money following the rampant success of ‘Fool Me Once’ on Netflix.

The former Coronation Street actress plays the widowed mum and ex-soldier, Maya Stern, in this new gripping thriller. The story follows Maya who witnesses her murdered husband on a secret nanny cam, which uncovers a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the past. 

Despite believing that she would “never work again” after her soap exit, ‘Fool Me Once’ has won over fans, with some even devastated that it will not be returning for a second season. 

Analysis by Vegas Gems has found that Michelle (@michkeegan) can earn up to an impressive £33,900 per sponsored Instagram post and story since the success of the series after just one week. 



The star’s Instagram account has exploded by 132,940 new followers since the nail-biting Netflix release on January 1st. This massive boost, identified using Social Blade, sees Michelle’s total following at over 7 million followers on the platform, marking her popularity among fans. 

And it’s not just Michelle Keegan that’s trending right now – Netflix's ‘Fool Me Once’ is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Harlan Coben, who has boomed in searches since the release of the series. Worldwide searches for ‘Harlan Coben books’ have increased by a whopping 506% in the last 12 months on Google, suggesting that fans are keen to read the original ‘Fool Me Once’ and more of his suspenseful thrillers. 

A spokesperson for Vegas Gems commented on this analysis “The success of Michelle Keegan in ‘Fool Me Once’ has been incredible, and it is fascinating to analyse the potential earnings of this success on her personal social media.” 

“We are certain that Keegan will return to our screens soon, especially since fans are disappointed by this Netflix series being one-off.” 

Sources: Potential Instagram earnings were found using Inzpire for @michkeegan. The follower count was calculated using Social Blade from Jan 1st to Jan 7th. The Google search volume data was found using Google Trends, shown in the screenshot below. 


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