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The Team Behind Glastonbury’s SHANGRI-LA PRESENTS: LOST HORIZON On 3 & 4 July A Real Festival, In A Virtual World

30 June 2020


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Live stream of VR experience available via Beatport, Twitch and via partner and artist Facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts



‘You can never unsee SHITV’

Lost Horizon, the world’s largest music and arts festival in virtual reality, from the team behind Glastonbury’s legendary Shangri-La, in partnership with VRJAM and Sansar, today announces its SHITV (Shangri-La International Television) programme, with 24 hours of film and tv content running from 3pm to 3am on 3rd and 4th July. 

The four stage festival features an interstellar line up of superstar DJs, underground acts and visual artists, raising money for The Big Issue and Amnesty International*.

SHITV, a once treasured venue at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La, now lives on forever in the virtual space. A dilapidated television centre awaits, with rooms to explore, and a giant TV screen showing non-stop content created by Shangri-La veterans, crew and collaborators from Shangri-Las past, present and future.

The festival’s media centre broadcasts everything from the absurd to the enlightened, from the sidelines, frontlines and backstages of alternative culture. SHITV will show films, documentaries, theatre, live art, comedy, animation and talks.




LOST IN VAGUENESS by Sofia Olins                                                                                               

The film of Roy Gurvitz, who invented the Lost Vagueness area at Glastonbury (Shangri-La’s predecessor) and who, as Michael Eavis says, reinvigorated the festival. It’s a story of the dark, self-destructive side of creative talent and the personal trauma behind it.                       


“The truth along with a lot of lies.” Made to be shown as a video installation in a Secret Room at Shangri-La’s radical base and Activist Hub the 'Disruption Bureau' in 2019.

This is an exploration of what it is to be a member of the warming world. This epic film lets you fall down the rabbit hole and immerse yourself in a stream of radical activist film

We are flooded with messages and opinions and imminent species extinction, but what is it like to sort through all of that noise? Highly tuned messages, multiple opinions, and every trick in the book is deployed to keep you entertained, confused, and disenfranchised. Believe in the Hype? You should !!! Climate Change is Real !!


In Naomis’s debut feature documentary, we follow a charismatic ringmaster as he leads his anarchist circus from the margins to the mainstream. Upon meeting the characters at the circus, it wasn't long before Naomi began to perform with them, documenting their achievements at the same time.

Naomi has been a long term collaborator of Lost Horizon/Shangri-La Creative Director Kaye Dunnings since they met 10 years ago at the Invisible Circus. Their work together there has manifested a multitude of live art installations, social experiment’s and theatre shows within Shangri-La and SHITV over the years. 

Naomi Smyth, comments “I’ve been creating live performance at Shangri La since 2010. Last year I started a PhD on how technology can connect the bodies of audiences and live performers remotely. Then all this happened and now the Shangri La team I work with every year are building it in VR instead! 

A lot of the video on screen in SHITV at Lost Horizon is video I made for previous shows or of our past live work. Kaye and the whole team have always been so supportive and open to ideas I’m excited about. With amazing teams of performers and producers I’ve created three-hour improvised shows and installations in booths, full improvised stage shows, performed in spectacles on the Truth stage. Over the years we’ve made playful, absurd and edgy work around the brutalities and contradictions of capitalism, consumerism, internet culture, nationalism and prejudice and performed for thousands of people.

It’s a fascinating and very specific kind of audience relationship at Shangri La- people come to play for a very brief time before swirling off into the night. The imagery, the emotion and the audience connection all need to be strong.

It’s so hard that this year that we can’t make that connection with our audience and with all the Shangri La crew. There’s a lot of unexplored possibility for live performance in video conferencing apps like Zoom, but it lacks that element of body language, the combination of one to one interaction and movement through a space with others. This move to VR for Lost Horizon is much more exciting for me. Without a clear way forward for the performing arts post COVID-19 these kinds of experiments are crucial. It’s a brave move from the Lost Horizon team, though having worked with Kaye for over a decade I am not surprised about that.” 




SHITV Primetime

Last year's glorious live shows from SHITV Primetime are finally showing on your screens! Featuring never before seen content, filmed at Shangri-La in 2019, where the audience became the stars.

Broadcasting for the first time ever, Lost Horizon’s SHITV will present SHANGRI-STARZ, a nightly talent show complete with big time judge drama and the chance for an everlasting fifteen seconds of fame. Like Britain’s got the X Factor on Acid. Your EYES can never unsee the joyous riot that is SHANGRI-STARZ. Starring the Man with no manners, Voted Hiya Magazine’s Twat of the Year 2019, The eyesore that is SIMON CUNTWELL with guest judges Sharon Lovesporn, Manli Dinogue Chilla Dark and hosted by Dimwit O Leary 

And new for 2019 WOKE DATE Scouse matchmaker Chilla Dark just realised: Love Is the Fabric of The Universe! Her third eye got woke, and she’s flipped her old show out of the straight shadows and into a rainbow of light. Chilla ferrets out all kinds of love connections from nodding acquaintance to five-way polycule life partners, live on the SHITV stage. Joined by Our Shaman, Woke Therapist Aretha Frank and Consensual Audience Participation guru Paula Yanks. d look at themselves.

A documentary by James Barnett and Harry Clayton-Wright featuring Cola Phalquero. (26 minutes)

Durational performance art meets the excess of British festival culture in this documentary film chronicling a 107 hour performance at Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, in June 2015.                                      

Theatre-maker, entertainer and performance artist Harry Clayton-Wright portrays a politically indifferent but glamorous teenager - Rebecca - who has locked herself in her bedroom - with her wild child friends - for the entire duration of the festival. The film chapters the anarchic revelry and immediate descent into chaos.       

“A drag Trainspotting meets David Blaine in a wig.” Gay Times   

VSS Shopping Channel Ads from Live artist Susannah Hewlitt

Shopping channels have delighted, revolted, compelled and inspired Hewlett for over two decades. As well as on occasions convinced her to buy their irresistibly low priced gold polyester sheets.

A constant in TV's daily scheduling, QVC and its cousins are the convenient channel hopping choice for the post-pub, pre-bed telly binger, the familiar companion to the insomniac or the lonely and most importantly a lovely shop, conveniently stocked with everything you've ever needed, run by ever such knowledgable and attractive people that just happens to be in your front room - 24 hours a day! Far more perniciously capitalist than commissioners would perhaps like their more vulnerable, elderly, poor or housebound viewers to believe.

Inspired by the ubiquitous familiarity and formulaic style of these shows,  fictional shopping channel VSS was spawned with the creation of a series of adverts which satirise commercialism's ‘gift to austerity’ with the spurious and absurd VSS multi-functioning products.




SHED presents:

The Shed is an all inclusive micro venue dedicated to intersectional positive masculinity. A place where visitors shed old notions, stereotypes and the restraints of masculinity at the door, entering into a space free of toxicity and worldly pressures.

Especially for Lost Horizon, SHED presents a playlist of short and beautiful films exploring its themes.

The Turning of Leaves by Jack Miguel which featured on the Gas Tower at Shangri-la.2019 is a meditation on the subject of masculinity with reference to the First World War and the phenomenon of intergenerational trauma. Joseph Wilson’s film Il-Widna follows a group of unapologetically queer warriors, forced to flee the UK after the introduction of Thatcher’s homophobic laws.

In short film This Now, spoken word artist Kai-Isaiah Jamal and filmmaker Emily McDonald present a hopeful, unifying message for a post-coronavirus future, and in Lockdown, we see a snapshot of life inside. Also From Lyrix Organix we have Two films: Man Dem and Spooky featuring spoken word artists.


Sweat is an artist and filmmaker located in London. Other voices demonstrates the importance of Trans representation during the current political climate as it touches briefly on the many identities that are facing transphobia, oppression, violence and harm. These identities and bodies need to be visible as a constant awareness that we, Trans and gender non-conforming people exist. It is important we hear these stories from the inside looking out as opposed to the outside looking in.

VOGUE FABRICS DALSTON present VFD LIVE                                                                                        

Welcome to the digital home for the queer, QTIPOC, neuro divergent, differently abled and intersectional artists, musicians, performers, communities and activists that VFD support. 

This broadcast highlights the intersectional causes we hold dear such as Trans Rights, Anti-Facism and BLM. It features the explosive energy of the activist group Transmissions, gives a taste of 'every we wanted to be' and the surreal genius of Lewis G Burton's 'Hermaphrodite'.

FACES / VOICES by THE LIGHT SURGEONS                                                                                            

Faces|Voices is a short documentary film collaboration between anthropologist Paul Basu and multimedia artists The Light Surgeons, commissioned as part of [Re:]Entanglements, a project funded by the UK’s Arts & Humanities Research Council, which is re-engaging with a remarkable ethnographic archive assembled by the colonial anthropologist, N. W. Thomas, in Southern Nigeria and Sierra Leone between 1909 and 1915

WHO ARE THE SAVS?                                                                                                                                       

Artist and Shangri-La collaborator Alex Noble brings us an anachronistic narrative stemmed from possible unforeseen outcomes in the UK of reaching the Sustainable Fashion Goals, in conjunction with the political landscape post Brexit, around borders and trade, the unsustainable stockpiling of waste, landfill, pollution and the UK’s expanding social crisis. Alex explores this narrative using a film and sound installation, collaging historical, current and created footage and sound to paint the landscape of our current climate and a dystopian future that is not too dissimilar to our past and present. The installation of films touch on how communities in challenged and adverse conditions adopt new forms of self identification and appropriation, form subcultures, currency and resist their situation, harnessing their own power, visually and politically.      

EBUNOLUWA - Where Ye From

Artist and a long term member of Shangri-La crew Ebun Oluwa’s powerful short  

Zo Daniels our newest member of the crew also brings us a short BLACK POWER FAMILY with spoken word recorded during the BLM protests in London.    

Illustrators Steve Cutts, Andi Rivas, Darren Cullen and Anna Ginsberg also share their messages with Short Films peppering the SHITV Channel all weekend.

Artists Paul Insect and BAST entertain us with their cheerful marionette-like puppets made from found objects. See them popping up throughout the programme. 




Live music and DJs will perform on SHITV throughout both days. Acts include:


Hailing from the streets of London, and raised by its punk-jazz underbelly, dB are a high octane, eleven-piece hip hop outfit who blend anthemic horn lines, lyrical verse, pounding percussion and razor sharp scratch.


Resist. Rise. Unite! Sonic renegades We Are Red Stars broadcast an exclusive Lost Horizon set onboard their secret submarine..

DJ SETS Recorded at home by our friends from the field:

SHITV’S own sound man PETE NOT BOMBS plays a banging set from his home on wheels

MICRORAVE present "Fanfare for life" 8-Bit glitch n glory

JUNIOR JUNGLE are let loose for half an hour of jungle power

Resident SISTXRHOOD DJ  YES MEL (Sistaselecta) spins vibrant, sounds from around the globe.

Global purveyors of Fun'n'Bass THE CHICKEN BROTHERS make some noise for our aural pleasure

EMILY DUST brings us dancehall, baile, bass, kuduro, grime and gqom,

WORLDS TALLEST DJ beams us a set

SNØW b2b JAMZ SUPERNOVA keep it real

and the AB FAB DJ’S keep it wrong… 

Sign up to experience Lost Horizon in VR or on PC.

Live stream of VR experience available via Beatport, Twitch and via partner and artist Facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts.

Donations to the charities will be made via the VR and streaming platforms, plus Lost Horizon Festival

For more information and to stay up to date follow Shangri-La on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, ShangriLART on Twitter and Instagram and Lost Horizon Festival on Instagram and Sansar.


Photos courtesy of Hannah Sherlock

About Shangri-La
Glastonbury Festival’s dynamic and every changing area Shangri-La is a theatrical, immersive installation, renowned for its cutting-edge originality, artistic quality and musical curation.

Each year Shangri-La reveals a new chapter of its ever-evolving narrative and invites festival-goers to become a part of its hypnotic world. 

About Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon is a virtual and mixed-reality festival event unlike any other  featuring  computer generated avatars and green screen ‘hologram’ performances recorded at studios across the planet. Lost Horizon is created using Sansar, Wookey Technologies’ cutting-edge, photorealistic platform for virtual live events and can be experienced on PC, VR or mobile, plus will be streamed live on Beatport, Twitch and across social media.

Mobile users will be able to toggle between different vantage points within the virtual world, whereas virtual reality and PC users will be able to move around inside the space, chat and interact with other fans  just as if they were at the real festival.

With its roots deep in contemporary music, art and activism, Shangri-La has established itself as a legendary field in UK festival culture, engaging a truly dynamic community of artists, builders, and revolutionary creators and known for showcasing  the latest “off mainstage” acts, Shangri-La has served as a launchpad for some of music’s biggest names, with artists such as Lady Gaga, Rudimental, Disclosure and Pendulum gracing its stages early in their careers. This makes Lost Horizon the perfect place to launch the next era of live music.

Lost Horizon is the Shangri-La team’s response to the pandemic affecting the planet, and raises funds for The Big Issue and Amnesty International. The Big Issue’s urgent appeal has been launched by the organisation to support Big Issue vendors who haven’t been able to sell the magazine safely on the streets since the Covid crisis hit.

Amnesty International is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic as a human rights crisis in the most immediate sense, it’s usual work continues and now it is also working to ensure emergency laws protect the most vulnerable, such as people living in poverty, with disabilities or with violent partners.

About The Big Issue
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, vendors still aren’t able to sell safely on the streets. As a response The Big Issue has launched an appeal for support. You can now support The Big Issue by downloading the app, available on Apple Store and Google Play, or subscribe online, contribute to our appeal or buy the magazine from leading retailers, with half of net proceeds going directly to vendors.

The Big Issue is a social enterprise which exists to dismantle poverty through creating opportunities for people and communities.

 The Big Issue is an award-winning weekly entertainment and current affairs magazine, which offers a new hope for homeless and vulnerably housed people across the UK. When vendors are able to sell, they buy magazines for £1.25 and sell to the public for £3, keeping the difference. In this way the magazine provides them with the means to earn a legitimate income.

Vendors come from a variety of backgrounds and face a range of issues, but all are experiencing the effects of poverty. Upon becoming a Big Issue vendor they receive training, are allocated a fixed pitch from which to vend, and must agree to adhere to a code of conduct whilst selling the magazine.

Since its launch in 1991, over 200 million copies of The Big Issue magazine have been sold by over 100,000 vulnerable people.

About Amnesty International
Amnesty is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life around the world standing up for humanity and human rights.  This is our strength, and means that the money and time our members and supporters give to Amnesty makes a huge difference to the global struggle for human rights.

Since 1961 Amnesty International has worked to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.

Human Rights are the fundamental rights and freedom that belong to every single one of us.

As a global movement of over seven million people, 200,000 of whom are in the UK, Amnesty International is the world's largest grassroots human rights organisation.

We investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilise the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world.

We received the Nobel Peace Prize for our life-saving work to stop torture around the world.

We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion.

Our vision is a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

We are effective because we are independent.  We challenge human rights abuses wherever they happen, regardless of which government or group is responsible.  Our research is watertight.  Our work is underpinned by independent research in the field, first-hand eyewitness accounts and survivor testimonies, and forensic data using tools like satellite images where possible.

We’re in it for the long run – our work over several decades helped to secure an International Arms Trade Treaty in 2013, the International Criminal Court in 2002 and a global convention against torture in 1984.

We also work on Individual Cases.  Our Individuals at Risk work has changed thousands of lives around the world, helping to save people from torture, detention, harassment and other abuses.

*Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (1051681) and in Scotland (SCO39534).  Registered Offices The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EA

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