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The Tombs: Rise of the Damned is OFFICIALLY greenlit by Templeheart Films

14 October 2014

Celebrating our tenth year, The Fan Carpet are extremely excited to exclusively announce that Temple Heart Films have greenlit the forthcoming possession thriller The Tombs: Rise of the Damned from award winning filmmaker Dan Brownlie and the creative team at brand-B Corporation.

Not only that, Jessica Ann Bonner has been named as the lead in the possession thriller and The Fan Carpet have been appointed as the official press for The Tombs: Rise of the Damned and speaking about the project and the appointment, The Fan Carpet's Media Coordinator Marc Jason Ali said "Templeheart coming on board is a dream come true, we're thrilled to be a part of such an exciting project. Jessica Ann is a Scream Queen in the making, and with the support of Templeheart, Teddyscare is definitely coming!"



Last night at the Press Night for The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, The Fan Carpet's Ben Peter Ward spoke to James, who is the manager of The Tombs about how he and the venue got involved, he said "Quite a few years ago we did a team up with a wonderful film called Human Centipede, we did a Press Launch, and part of that Press Launch we had Dan [Brownlie] and a few others, and Dan came over and said how wonderful the site was and how great it would be for a film here and asked 'how about it? Do you fancy getting involved and working together to create a film?' So he went away, produced a script and came back and said 'this is what we want to do, what do you think?' and the rest is really history."

Speaking about how it feels to bring his creations to life, Director Dan Brownlie said "It feels amazing, I've got to admit, and one of the finest points of bringing my creations to life is during a meeting with the London Tombs, we have a character called Teddyscare; who everyone likes and they [The London Tombs] liked him so much that they have included him in their Halloween event - Phobophobia, so it's so great that an Award winning place; The Tombs to say 'your creature is so good, we want it!' I think that's a good sign of things to come."

Talking about his inspiration for the film, Dan added "See that's what's so beautiful about tonight, it came from a Press Night at The London Tombs! I was here two maybe three years ago with Dani Thompson and a few others, and they told us it was built on the Plague Pits, and I was walking around and thought what if there was a press night with a manageable amount of people, and what if something went wrong? Maybe some people broke in and dressed up as the slashers; but then because it was built on the Plague Pit, the angle of the spirits rising up and possessing the animatronics, they're not humans, so harder to kill, there's no laws and restrictions on them, and it really just evolved from there."



Speaking about Templeheart Films coming on board, Dan said "It's amazing, absolutely amazing, it's officially being announced tonight, we had a meeting with Lyndon [Baldock] on Saturday. He was in it a while back but he was doing other projects and we were doing Serial Kaller. But he saw all of the campaign stuff that we have been doing and we generated enough of a splash for him to go 'you know what, I'm back into it!' We have our script written by the wonderful Michael Smith, but they [Templeheart] want to tweak it a little bit to make it more in line with what they're doing. But it's all go and it's amazing."

Speaking about what attracted her to the role, Scream Queen Jessica Ann Bonner said "In all honesty, I love a challenge, I love pushing myself to the limit, I love getting a reaction out of myself that I didn't know I could get."

Speaking about her relationship with Templeheart Films, Jessica added "I worked with Templeheart on Devil's Tower, my latest film that's just come out, and I met Lyndon on set and we got on really well, and we were chatting, and he's a really nice guy and Templeheart were doing really well and out of the blue; after Devil's Tower was released, I sent Lyndon an email, and he replied saying 'I've seen all the press you've done for The Tombs and I'd love to arrange a meeting to get this fully funded.' and that was a dream come true."

Speaking to Executive Producer Lyndon Baldock of Templeheart Films about his involvement in the film he said "Dan's been in touch with us for about a year on this and this one is incredibly exciting; not just because of the location, but everything else as well. It's moved on to a level now, where we are going ahead with it; at this point we are just nailing down schedules and dates, cast, crew and everything else. So it's exciting."

Get a glimpse of Teddyscare, check out the forthcoming Phobophobia at the London Tombs for the Ultimate Halloween night out for the sickest souls!



In The Tombs: Rise of the Damned a group of celebrities attend a press gala at the world famous London Tombs. What starts as a night of fun and fright turns into a night of tension and terror when evil spirits of the Damned seize control of the animatronics to wreak havoc on their subjects. Celebrity status cannot rescue them from the unspeakable horror that lurks in the darkness.

Also starring alongside Jessica is Internationally renowned actress Debbie Rochon from Serial Kaller, Bleed and Santa Claws, The Tombs: Rise of the Damned has been written by Michael William Smith. Production of The Tombs: Rise of the Damned is expected to begin in January 2015.

Stay tuned to The Fan Carpet for more from The Tombs: Rise of the Damned as it develops, and check out The Tombs: Rise of the Damned on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and remember Teddy Scare is coming...

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