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The Ward director John Carpenter wants to get paid for doing nothing

21 January 2011

John Carpenter, the legendary horror film director, is back after a ten year break, doing, well, not alot actually! The dedicated sports fan recently told Empire online in an interview for The Ward, his latest scare fare, that 'Being John Carpenter keeps me in beer and cigarettes'.

The New York native clearly relished his free time in the Californian sunshine where he is based, and when asked if he found people remaking his films depressing he replied

"I wouldn’t say I find it depressing, especially when someone wants to remake a movie of mine and pay me money to do nothing. That is extremely kind. For my entire life I’ve been trying to find a way to make money for doing nothing and it’s extremely hard because people want something (laughs). I’m flattered by it. I think it’s not because the movies I make are great, it’s because they’re recognisable: their titles stand out."

However Carpenter is now back on form and back to work with his new film The Ward, about a girl trapped in a 1960's mental ward, where she has to discover why she has been locked up and discovers there's more to worry about in the dark than she realises.

The Ward Film Page

The Ward is out today